December 21, 2006

Vintage MEGO Batmobile Customized To Look Like The 1966 TV Show Car!

The BAT-BLOG has a friend nick-named "BAT-ROB" who loves to customize Vintage 1970's Mego Action Figure Dolls & their accessories. Here's a picture of a Mego Batmobile that he customized & he did a really great job on it!! Basically he gave the car alot more details & some paint but what an amazing difference! He even added the glass windshields & made the tail-fins more accurate...WOW! I think he did such a great job on this I had to share it w/ my readers! The photo shows 2 cars: One is what a regular Mego Batmobile car looks like & the other one is the one he did....awesome! ( Click the Small Picture Above To See Larger Photo with Better details ).

1 comment:

ozz said...

I'll bet that dude had a lot of fun putting that together. Nice work.