September 30, 2009


The focus of this week's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" is going to be some totally amazing Batman artwork! The 1st background uses some vintage 1960's comic art from an Italian BATMAN Comic Book Reprint. I'm not quite sure who the original artist was ( Is it Carmine Infantino's work? ) but it's just really great! The next one is a lot more modern-looking. This is a detail of a painting done by Joe Jusko for a charity auction at the San Diego Comic Con in 2007. The art is just amazing & has a highly realistic feel about it, very cool! Plus, the FULL MOON backdrop is a really nice touch. Now remember, we post 2 FREE Batman Background every week so if you have a suggestion for a certain character then please drop us a message. Our e-mail button is always on the top right-hand side of this page ( it looks like an envelope ), Thanks!
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This is just a quick post to share a few totally hilarious BIZARRO comic strips by Dan Piraro. I know he must be a HUGE Batman Fan because, over the years, he has done a ton of "Batman & Robin" parody strips! Well, anyway, here are three to enjoy now & then if you wanna see more of his art then please be sure to CLICK HERE!

September 29, 2009

Vintage Photo: A YOUNG BATMAN IN COSTUME ( With Alfred, The Butler? )

Here's a Vintage Family Photo sent in by our good friend Chip Kidd. Now, this is not "Chip when he was a small child", ha ha! No, it's just a photo that a friend sent to him because it is Batman & then he sent to us. WOW! This photo is extremely beautiful, both in subject matter AND quality! Because of the style of the Batman Superhero Halloween Costume, & the fashion of the clothing worn by Alfred, The Butler ( OK, probably his father or Grandfather, ha ha! ), I would guess it's from the early 1960's. So, the fact that it looks even older is pretty cool. I mean it looks Vintage 40's at least! Maybe it's the fact that it's Black & White or maybe because the architectural details are sort of European-looking. But the costume having the "Yellow Oval Bat-Symbol" on the chest is a dead give-away that's it's at least 1960's. Anyways, thank you to Chip Kidd for sending this wonderful photo, I really appreciate that & know everybody will love this cool pic! Now, If any other Bat-Blog Readers have similar "Batman Halloween Costume" photos then I am inviting them to send them in too!

Video: HOT TOYS DX Series JOKER FIGURE ( The Dark Knight movie ) PERS Demonstration

OK, Some Readers are gonna ask, "What's the PERS System?". Well, in the newer Deluxe Versions of THE DARK KNIGHT Movie Figures made by HOT TOYS the heads now have a special system where you can make the eyes move very realistically. In fact, PERS is an abbreviation of "Parallel Eyeball Rolling System". It sort of reminds me a little of the "Eagle Eyes" that Hasbro put on their 12" GI Joe Dolls toward the end of that line ( Yes, I call them dolls & NOT action figures, ha ha ). But this new PERS invention is way more advanced. So far they have added this new technology to their 2 brand-new DX01 Batman & Joker figures. It's really cool!

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BATMAN Desktop Wallpaper Background BATMOBILE CAR By Sean Hartter

Here is an extremely cool Batman Desktop Wallpaper made by our Graphic Artist Friend Sean Hartter. He had sent this to me a long time ago & it has sort of got lost in the shuffle. Yes, my organization skills are a mess! Anyway, this is some of his original art & it shows his idea on the Golden Age Batmobile Car. I love the Retro 1940's-Style, very cool! I also know that this will be kinda weird but I totally love the "lens flare" shining off the headlights, a nice graphic touch. Sean, sorry about posting this so late but, "Better late than never", I always say! I also wanna say that the drawing is extremely AWESOME & I know that many readers will love it, thanks.
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Original BAT-BOAT BLUEPRINT From The 1966 Batman TV Show & Movie

Shown here, in all their glory, are some RARE photos of the Original Blueprint for the 1966 Bat-Boat from the 1966 Batman Movie. It was auctioned-off on eBay recently ( Sold: $350 ) & whoever won it now has an authentic piece of Bat-History! The Batboat was created by The Glastron Boat Company & these were the original drawings by their designer. The auction also had some blueprints for the "Penguin Submarine Ship" used in the movie but were not shown so I didn't get any pics of that. If anyone did then please send them to us. Now, to kind of change the subject, if you're a big fan of the 1966 Bat-Boat then you really need to visit my friend Darren's website. It's a personal blog all about him totally restoring an original '66 Bat-Boat. He seriously gets into talking about Vintage Upholstery Fabrics, Paint Chips, Fiberglass, etc...Plus a lot of history about the famous Bat-Vehicle. You can check out his site by clicking HERE!

September 28, 2009

Video: Exclusive SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES Metallo Fight Scene Movie Clip

In this exclusive "Superman / Batman: Public Enemies" MTV movie trailer clip we get to see the evil Super-Villain Metallo beat-up on the Man of Steel himself, Superman! OK, There's NO Batman in this clip, but it's still nice to see that the animation quality looks pretty good. Also, be sure to crank-up your speakers because the sound effects are kinda cool. I can't wait till this new DC Universe Movie comes out tomorrow on Sept 29th...enjoy!

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ART: Two BATMAN Russian Nesting Doll Sets with a Batman Theme

If you have been reading the Bat-Blog for awhile then you know I totally love ART & I think that these BATMAN RUSSIAN NESTING DOLLS fit that category to a tee! Both these sets belong to our friend known as "The BATFAN" & he was kind enough to send these wonderful photos ( Please be sure to click on them for larger, more detailed, versions ). The 1st Set sort of celebrates the many different Batman Movie characters. Besides Michael Keaton, there is: Catwoman ( Michelle Pfeiffer ), The Penguin ( Danny Devito ), & The 1989 Joker ( Jack Nicholson ). Wow! The artist made all of these characters look exactly like the actual people...that's cool! The next photo is a Set of Nesting Dolls with a BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES theme. I have always loved that cartoon & think the art direction on it is great. So, seeing these is just a true delight for any Batman Fan! The characters depicted here are Batman, Robin, Two-Face, The Penguin, Bane, & Gotham City. Yes, I have always considered "Gotham City" a character. It plays an important role in many Batman stories. I wanna thank The BATFAN for sharing these with us. It's always fun to see cool artwork that is inspired by our favorite Caped Crusader. If any other readers have some artwork ( painting, drawing, sculpture, anything creative ) then please send us some pics today!

Batman & Joker Halloween Costume Ideas

Lately I have been sort of obsessed with "Vintage Halloween Photos" featuring kids or adults dressed-up as their favorite Batman characters. I don't know, since the holiday is coming up I thought it would be an interesting idea. Anyway, I have been asking readers to send in their photos & the response has been wonderful! I have a lot of them so far but want even more so if you have some cool pics like this then please send them in. Now, to talk about these 2 photos. The 1st one is a friend named John. I met him at MySpace & he's a pretty cool guy. Last year he dressed-up as the Joker ( The Dark Knight movie version ) for Halloween with this awesome costume he made hunting through Thrift Stores. His Joker make-up & green hair look great too. The next photo, with Batman, is our friend Christopher. I kinda-sorta know him over at Facebook. He was kind enough to send this very cool photo of him dressed in his "1989 Batman Movie" costume. He says he wears it sometimes to charity events to help raise money for certain causes. Wow, that's really really awesome! I love when people do that. When people think about others in need instead of their own BS then it's a big step towards making the world a better place. Thanks to both John & Chris for sharing these 2 "Joker & Batman" Halloween Costume both ROCK!

ART: Custom My Little Pony BATMAN and THE JOKER Figures!

OK, Here at the Bat-Blog we post some really goofy stuff sometimes...just for fun! So that's what this is. I recently discovered a girl named "Anime Amy" who is totally into making Custom Toys. She gets old MY LITTLE PONY figures & customizes them into different superhero comic book characters. Here are 2 examples where she made a Batman & Joker figure from THE DARK KNIGHT movie. The details are pretty good. I think she sells these on eBay sometimes so you might check there if you're interesting in buying one. Or, be sure to check out her website. The URL is embedded on both photos.

September 27, 2009

Vintage 1970's SEA WORLD & THE SUPER FRIENDS Amusement Park Theme Show

In response to a recent post here at the Bat-Blog, where we had a video of this subject, we got this Vintage Comic Book Advertisement. ( You can see the video by clicking HERE! ) I remember this ad! It was always on the backs of comic books in the1980's. It advertised a "DC Superhero" Water-Ski Theme Show they had at SEA WORLD. I always lived way too far away from these things to go & was always bummed-out by the distance, ha ha! But, other than remembering a serious childhood trauma, I do wanna sincerely say Thank you for sending it in, it's really a cool piece of Bat-History, from the "comic book character + Amusement Park" angle. I know lots of people will remember it fondly. Maybe they went. If you're a Bat-Blog Reader who has some photos or stories like this then please share them.

THE RIDDLER - Batman Themed Desktop Background Wallpapers!

OK, Here at the Bat-Blog, every Wednesday, we post 2 FREE Brand-New Batman-Themed Desktop Backgrounds. We call it "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday"! Last week I asked readers to send in some suggestions for next week & right away a reader asked for some wallpapers of THE RIDDLER! Now he was not specific about which version so I kind of went with 2 that I thought would be popular. Even though, in hindsight, I should have made one of the "Animated Series" versions. But anyway, I hunted down some images & made 2 that I hope are pretty good. One uses Modern "Original Comic Book Artwork" & the other is a sharp Hi-Res Photo of a Brand-New RIDDLER Action Figure, in the Vintage Silver-Age Style. Well, I thought these were pretty cool & then could not wait until next Wednesday ( it's 3 days away ) so I decided to post them today, ha ha!
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High School Students Create Some Amazing Batman-Themed Costumes!

Our friend Lauren sent us a new photo showing some of her friends from High School who all got together & dressed-up as Batman characters. But I don't think it was anything for Halloween. She said something about how they did it for a Dark Knight themed photo album. Well, Lauren, your new mission is to get a hold of THAT photo album!! But all kidding aside these costumes are really totally super-great, every single one of them!! The character list is large & includes: The Riddler, The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, & of course the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin! My 2 top favorite costumes have to be the Penguin & Poison Ivy. You just don't see those 2 characters a lot. Plus, "Penguin accessories" are hard to find. Like, where do you buy a Monocle, Top Hat, & Cigarette Holder nowadays? Ha Ha! Thank you Lauren for sharing this wonderful photo & please be sure to tell all your friends what a great job they did at putting these Batman-themed costumes together...WOW!

Video: HOT TOYS - TV News Story - The Dark Knight Movie Figures

Here's an interesting video of a Foreign TV News Story about the HOT TOYS Doll & Action Figure Company. It shows a lot of great shots of The Dark Knight Tumbler Batmobile Toy with the Batman Figure. Also included are the Joker Action Figure ( Heath Ledger, Version 2 with Rolling Eyes & Policeman Uniform ). Plus they cover some of their other movie properties very briefly. That list includes: Terminator Salvation, Watchmen, Ironman, The Godfather, & many more! But really the main part of the story seems to be Batman!
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September 26, 2009


A lot of Family Guy Fans will instantly recognize this video's audio sound as being from a famous skit with Stewie & Brian, where Stewie plays a Loan Shark trying to get money owed to him. But the video portion has been replaced with Heath Ledger & Christian Bale as the Joker & Batman from THE DARK KNIGHT Batman film...enjoy!

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Batman Model Kits: Jim Carrey's RIDDLER From Batman Forever ( 1995 ) Movie

Here's another Batman Model Kit built by our good friend known as "Skinnybird". This is THE RIDDLER from the 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Movie Starring Val Kilmer. OK, while this was not one of my favorite Batman movies, I thought that Jim Carrey did a pretty decent job of his performance for The Riddler. He's the sort of character actor who's good at playing a regular lovable guy one minute & then somebody who's totally insane & crazy the next. I also remember thinking that his Riddler costume was kind of accurate & very well made. I like his "Question Mark-Shaped Cane", a nice touch. Plus, if you're gonna be the Riddler, you gotta sport that famous Bowler Hat. Whoops, sorry about getting into the movie & Jim. This post is about the actual Vinyl Model Kit, ha ha! This Model Kit was made by Revell. It is 1/6th Scale so it's pretty big & great for display. I remember when these kits came out & my friend Steve bought this one. It's not bad! The details are very accurate & the face resembles the actual actor pretty well. I gotta say one thing. Our buddy Skinnybird did an extremely excellent job with this one! He sent us many photos of a large amount of Batman models he has made & we're gonna feature them every now & then. So, in the future, just click on the Label Word "Skinnybird" down below & all the posts with his kits will's really worth a look, pretty interesting stuff!

SUPERMAN / BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES - Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

Since everybody is freakin' out over the news of the SUPERMAN / BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES Animated Movie coming out soon ( Sept 29th ). I thought I would create these 2 Batman Desktop Wallpapers to celebrate! Personally I think the movie should be called BATMAN / SUPERMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES, with Batman's name first! But anyways, just click on these for large 1024 X 768 images.
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September 25, 2009

Wicked-Cool BATMAN Sunglasses!

I got a wonderful e-mail the other night from our good friend Lauren. She said the other night her Uncle gave her a gift of some "Batman Sunglasses" he found in some store in Austin, TX. She said that even thought they are not official ones ( bootleg ), they're still great! I have to agree. They are really cool! I also think they could be a nice accessory to a Catwoman Costume ( mod 1960's version ) too!

Video: Super Friends at the Water Park Show!

Back in 1979 some tourist shot this video so that, in the future, we could see it! This is the SUPER FRIENDS event at the Cypress Gardens Water Amusement Park. Performers dressed up as Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Mr. Freeze, The Joker, The Penguin, etc. all get totally crazy. Finding video, or even any information, about this event is really difficult. Plus, I don't think there is any audio in this video. That, or my speakers are broken, ha ha! But really I think the best part of the video is seeing the cool Bat-Boat! If you saw this event as a child then this video will bring back some great memories of a fun summer vacation!

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Brand-New Vintage-Style BATMAN & BATGIRL T-Shirts!!

While surfing the net the other night I came across these brand-new ultra-cool Batman T-Shirts that I thought I would share here. They're some new designs that just came out. I thought the one with the Batgirl design is too awesome because it looks like a Vintage Halloween Costume. The Batman one in the middle looks like it's from the 1980's ( or even the 1970's ) & the one with just the "Batman Logo" is cool because it's the modern version you don't see on T-Shirts very often. If you're looking for good deals & great service online then I suggest clicking the button down below.

September 24, 2009

Vintage Halloween Photo: BATMAN AND THE JOKER Terrorize Gotham City!

Here's an awesome Vintage Family Photo from around 1989 ( or early 90's maybe? ) showing our friend Steven & his brother dressed-up for Halloween as Batman & The Joker! Now, Steven wore the Joker outfit while his brother got to don the Batman mask. I totally love the facial expressions on both kids. They are really super-excited & you can tell that they mean business! Little Batman's "Fight Pose" is priceless! Since Halloween is right around the corner I'm asking all Bat-Blog Readers right now to send us your Halloween memories. We're looking for older photos ( or new ones ) that have people wearing Batman-related costumes. Even if it's just you wearing a mask! Thanks. Oh yeah, and a special thanks to Steven for sending this wonderful photo, it's very mush appreciated!

Book Review: ENEMIES AND ALLIES - BATMAN / SUPERMAN STORY Novel By Kevin J. Anderson

I was gonna write a book review on the new Batman/Superman novel “Enemies and Allies” By Kevin J. Anderson that just came out. But my friend Christopher Huff already did so why should I? Actually I have not read the book yet & since I feel kinda lazy today I thought I'd just link his review here, ha ha. I mean, he wrote one that's just as good as mine would be, OK, actually a lot better! A long time ago, ever since hearing about this book, I have been pretty curious about it & hoped it would be good. Almost all the reviews I have come across lately all say that's it's really interesting. The story is set in the 1950's so there's a lot of "Cold War period" stuff to deal with & you get a lot of "vintage style" story-telling. It just sounds like it would be really cool! So, this book is going on my wish list. Now, Christopher wrote a really great review & I'm asking everybody to please check it out by clicking HERE!


The very split-second I saw this beautiful piece of BAT-ART I knew it had to be posted at the Bat-Blog, ha ha! I just recently met this guy named Dave who likes to customize toys. He loves the 1966 Batman TV Show & Movie so he likes to make toys that they never made back then...sort of like "fantasy toys". Shown here is a replica of the 1966 Batman Movie Bat-Copter for a Custom 12" Adam West Batman Figure. Now of course the Bat-Copter is in perfect scale for this doll because he really used the Vintage 1970's GI Joe Adventure Team Helicopter! Yes! The one you got in the "Search For The Stolen Idol" Play Set. Now, I had this exact GI Joe toy as a little kid & totally loved. I mean, I really loved this toy! In fact, this was probably one of my Top 5 very best childhood memories. So, as soon as I saw this custom toy, I knew what he used to make it!! Now, on to Dave's '66 Bat-Copter. I've posted a few additional photos of the original GI Joe AT toy & a photo of the original Bat-Copter from the 60's movie. Looking at then both you can sort of see how he worked out all the details. Then you'll realize how great his Custom Job really is! He's got all the colors down pretty accurate. There's a Bat-Symbol on the gas tanks, a bat-shape on the lower front windshield, the famous "Bat-Wings", etc...Great Job Dave & thank you for allowing me to share your photo with everybody. I know that many people will totally love this thing!!

September 23, 2009

PVP Online Web Comic Strip Makes Fun of BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM!

One of my favorite web comics online is PVP ( which stands for "Player vs Player" ). It's a comic strip about an office full of characters who are all total comic book & gaming geeks. In fact, they all work at a magazine for video game news. Recently the creator of the strip, Scott Kurtz, made total fun of BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM ( Click on the small graphic up above for a larger, more readable, version ). It hilarious! Now if you would like to read more of their wacky adventures then just be sure to CLICK HERE!

BATMAN FANS Know How To Party in Brisbane, Australia!!

Awhile back, here at the Bat-Blog, we featured a photo of an awesome BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Custom Bat-Suit Costume made by our friend Paul. He lives in Australia. Well, recently he & a few of his friends went to a convention event in Brisbane, all dressed-up in Batman related Costumes! We have all the major characters covered: Batman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Two-Face, Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon, The Riddler, & one other character who's name I forget at this moment ( Sorry, is it Anarchy? ). The great thing was they were able to get a few really wonderful photos during this time ( Please be sure to click on these pics for larger, more detailed, versions ). Now if I got the info correct, this 1st photo ( close-up shot ) was taken on the 2nd day & a couple of people changed costumes. But the other 2 pics were shot on the 1st day when they were really goofing around! The shot of them all walking towards you. That is a parody of the opening credits sequence of the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon ( imagine them in slow motion, ha ha ). The next one is a really famous parody that everyone should recognize right away. It's The Beatles ABBEY ROAD Album Cover!! OK, I really love all these costume pics but the homage to The Beatles just totally cracks me up! Ha Ha Ha, it's so GREAT! I wanna thank Paul for sharing these fun photos with my readers. Thanks Paul, everybody is gonna totally love these. I also wanna send a shout-out to all of your friends who got dressed guys all look great & your costumes are awesome too...even the girl who's character I can't remember the name of because I'm totally stupid, ha ha! Oh man, I wish I had some of these for Halloween this year!