September 29, 2009

Vintage Photo: A YOUNG BATMAN IN COSTUME ( With Alfred, The Butler? )

Here's a Vintage Family Photo sent in by our good friend Chip Kidd. Now, this is not "Chip when he was a small child", ha ha! No, it's just a photo that a friend sent to him because it is Batman & then he sent to us. WOW! This photo is extremely beautiful, both in subject matter AND quality! Because of the style of the Batman Superhero Halloween Costume, & the fashion of the clothing worn by Alfred, The Butler ( OK, probably his father or Grandfather, ha ha! ), I would guess it's from the early 1960's. So, the fact that it looks even older is pretty cool. I mean it looks Vintage 40's at least! Maybe it's the fact that it's Black & White or maybe because the architectural details are sort of European-looking. But the costume having the "Yellow Oval Bat-Symbol" on the chest is a dead give-away that's it's at least 1960's. Anyways, thank you to Chip Kidd for sending this wonderful photo, I really appreciate that & know everybody will love this cool pic! Now, If any other Bat-Blog Readers have similar "Batman Halloween Costume" photos then I am inviting them to send them in too!

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ozz said...

If that's Alfred, then Bruce Wayne started his crimefighting career when he was younger than I thought! Ha.