September 28, 2009

Batman & Joker Halloween Costume Ideas

Lately I have been sort of obsessed with "Vintage Halloween Photos" featuring kids or adults dressed-up as their favorite Batman characters. I don't know, since the holiday is coming up I thought it would be an interesting idea. Anyway, I have been asking readers to send in their photos & the response has been wonderful! I have a lot of them so far but want even more so if you have some cool pics like this then please send them in. Now, to talk about these 2 photos. The 1st one is a friend named John. I met him at MySpace & he's a pretty cool guy. Last year he dressed-up as the Joker ( The Dark Knight movie version ) for Halloween with this awesome costume he made hunting through Thrift Stores. His Joker make-up & green hair look great too. The next photo, with Batman, is our friend Christopher. I kinda-sorta know him over at Facebook. He was kind enough to send this very cool photo of him dressed in his "1989 Batman Movie" costume. He says he wears it sometimes to charity events to help raise money for certain causes. Wow, that's really really awesome! I love when people do that. When people think about others in need instead of their own BS then it's a big step towards making the world a better place. Thanks to both John & Chris for sharing these 2 "Joker & Batman" Halloween Costume both ROCK!

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