September 27, 2009

Vintage 1970's SEA WORLD & THE SUPER FRIENDS Amusement Park Theme Show

In response to a recent post here at the Bat-Blog, where we had a video of this subject, we got this Vintage Comic Book Advertisement. ( You can see the video by clicking HERE! ) I remember this ad! It was always on the backs of comic books in the1980's. It advertised a "DC Superhero" Water-Ski Theme Show they had at SEA WORLD. I always lived way too far away from these things to go & was always bummed-out by the distance, ha ha! But, other than remembering a serious childhood trauma, I do wanna sincerely say Thank you for sending it in, it's really a cool piece of Bat-History, from the "comic book character + Amusement Park" angle. I know lots of people will remember it fondly. Maybe they went. If you're a Bat-Blog Reader who has some photos or stories like this then please share them.

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