September 27, 2009

Video: HOT TOYS - TV News Story - The Dark Knight Movie Figures

Here's an interesting video of a Foreign TV News Story about the HOT TOYS Doll & Action Figure Company. It shows a lot of great shots of The Dark Knight Tumbler Batmobile Toy with the Batman Figure. Also included are the Joker Action Figure ( Heath Ledger, Version 2 with Rolling Eyes & Policeman Uniform ). Plus they cover some of their other movie properties very briefly. That list includes: Terminator Salvation, Watchmen, Ironman, The Godfather, & many more! But really the main part of the story seems to be Batman!
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Supersaiyanbatman said...

While we're on the subject of TDK, I found something interesting!

The Mask Heath Ledger wears in the bank robbery scene of the Dark Knight is almost exactly the same as one worn by Caesar Romero in an Episode of the 1966 Batman series!

It's cool that TDK has subtle references to the 66 series of all things, even the emergency sound when the Batmobile crashes during the chase is the same sound used when a call comes in on the Batphone :)

Jess said...

I got the Bank Robber joker and the 1st regular Terminator Salvation John Connor. I reaaaally want the rolling eyes Joker, and the batman with the light up LED eyes...but they're sooo much money, but I'm basically posting this for anyone that may have apprehensions about their price...they are simply amazing at what they do. My John Connor looks more like Christian Bale than I even expected him to, and my Joker is simply astounding. I got the DC Direct Doll and there is just no comparison...Soooo, Hot Toys definitely knows what they're doing.