September 26, 2009

Batman Model Kits: Jim Carrey's RIDDLER From Batman Forever ( 1995 ) Movie

Here's another Batman Model Kit built by our good friend known as "Skinnybird". This is THE RIDDLER from the 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Movie Starring Val Kilmer. OK, while this was not one of my favorite Batman movies, I thought that Jim Carrey did a pretty decent job of his performance for The Riddler. He's the sort of character actor who's good at playing a regular lovable guy one minute & then somebody who's totally insane & crazy the next. I also remember thinking that his Riddler costume was kind of accurate & very well made. I like his "Question Mark-Shaped Cane", a nice touch. Plus, if you're gonna be the Riddler, you gotta sport that famous Bowler Hat. Whoops, sorry about getting into the movie & Jim. This post is about the actual Vinyl Model Kit, ha ha! This Model Kit was made by Revell. It is 1/6th Scale so it's pretty big & great for display. I remember when these kits came out & my friend Steve bought this one. It's not bad! The details are very accurate & the face resembles the actual actor pretty well. I gotta say one thing. Our buddy Skinnybird did an extremely excellent job with this one! He sent us many photos of a large amount of Batman models he has made & we're gonna feature them every now & then. So, in the future, just click on the Label Word "Skinnybird" down below & all the posts with his kits will's really worth a look, pretty interesting stuff!


rakeback said...

Jim Carrey is one of the funniest people alive, but his role in Batman was actually pretty disappointing. I think he did a decent job, but the dialogue left something to be desired.

ozz said...

To quote another Carrey character, that is sssssssssmokin'!