December 31, 2008

Video: Batman Collector Shares a Few Vintage Batman Toys

There's this guy I know ( not in real-life, but on the internet, ha ha ) named Heath AKA "Batman Geek". He's a pretty nice guy & is also a very serious Batman Fan & Toy Collector. You might know him too. Anyways, while surfing the net the other night I came across this video he did where he shares a few pieces of his Bat-Collection. I thought it was pretty interesting & knew a lot of readers would enjoy it so be sure to check it out!! (( AS A SIDE-NOTE: After posting I checked out this post & the volume isn't working, weird. I don't know if it's my computer or the video so if you don't hear anything I apologize. It's still kinda neat to see visually & I'll work on getting a non-corrupted copy of this video. Thanks ))
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Photos: Original 1966 BATMAN TV SHOW Costume Props

I have a good friend named Scott Sebring who has an insanely great website called "THE BAT PAGES" & he is also one of the moderators at the 1966 Batman Message Board. Anyways, he was lucky enough to visit a very serious Batman Collector who owns a few of the original prop Batman & Robin costume pieces that Adam West & Burt Ward wore in the 1966 Batman TV Show. I mean, this memorabilia deserves to be in the Smithsonian Museum or something like that! He did a post about it at his site & if you visit you can see some incredible photos of the real-life Batman Cowl, Bat-Gloves, Robin Vest, etc...It's really an amazing thing to see, especially from a bat-history point-of-view. Here's a link. Oh yeah, while you're there be sure to check out the rest of his website, it's pretty cool!


This week I thought I would post 2 totally unique Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds that I bet you will not find anywhere else! The 1st one is an example of a Pop Art Painting that I came across on the internet. After saving the picture I forgot to get the name of the artist so if anyone knows him please have him contact me. I seriously love this piece of work & it also kind of cracks me up! It shows Batman & Robin as Zombie Monsters...I mean, you can't get anymore awesome than that! The 2nd Batman Wallpaper was done by an artist friend named Sean Hartter. If you're a regular Bat-Blog Reader then you will probably recognize his style. In this one he did a portrait of The Dark Knight. The thing I like best about it is that it's kinda hard to tell if he's the "Modern Batman" or the "1940's Movie Serial" version. OK, obviously it's the newer version but the colors & grainyness kinda remind me of an older era. Plus, it was exclusively done just for this blog, so that's great! ( Thanks Sean ).
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December 30, 2008

BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT Action Figures DC Infinite Heroes 3-Pack

Remember the BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT Animated Movie that Warner Bros released awhile back? It was done in a very cool "anime style" & the DVD sold really well. OK, for 2009 they're gonna release a special DC Infinite Heroes 3-pack that is going to include some characters from the cartoon. Shown here are Batman, Deadshot, & The Scarecrow. These should be pretty successful so expect them to release even more of these. Be sure to click on the small graphic up above for a larger, more detailed, version.

DC SUPERFRIENDS MATCHBOX CARS 5-Pack Gift Set with Batman's Bat-Copter

New in stores right now is this very cool DC SUPERFRIENDS Matchbox Die Cast Cars 5-Pack Gift Set. Of course I'm reporting it here because there is a Batman-related vehicle in there, the Bat-Copter! Also included is the Flash Car, Superman Police Car, Green Lantern Van, & a cool industrial work truck with the DC SUPERFRIENDS logo! Personally I wish they had packaged these separately because all I want is the Bat-Copter, ha ha!

Batman Memorabilia From Around The World

OK, anybody who has been reading the Bat-Blog for awhile knows that I am a pretty serious Batman toy collector & one of my favorite things to collect is the "wacky foreign items". So, this post shows a few Batman items from around the globe. The 1st item is a photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Reader who lives near France. This is a set of THE BATMAN Playing Cards made during the time of the TV cartoon series. I really love the cool graphics ( Thanks Andrew for sending this, it's awesome! ). The 2nd pic is something that is in stores right now! In Malaysia, a bath products company that I think is called "Eskulin", is making Batman Talcum Powder, Shower Gel, & Shampoo plus Conditioner. Most Bat-Fans might recognize Jim Lee's artwork on those, very cool! Another item that is out right now, in Argentina & Brazil, is this box of Batman Band-Aids, ha ha! I love the graphics on this packaging too, especially the side with the Joker. The last item is a Nestle Zucosos Cereal Box that was sold in Bulgaria to promote the Dark Knight Batman movie ( I don't think these are available any more ). Anyway, as you can see these are all really wonderful "foreign items" that you can't get here in the United States. Their rariety & wackiness is one reason I really love this kind of stuff. Hope you do too! If you happen to live in another country beside the US then please report to me about Batman goodies in your area. Sharing the love of the character & the joy of collecting is what this blog is ALL about!

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Superfriends Batman Action Figure Gift Set : Target Exclusive

Here's a new Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Superfriends item to keep an eye out for. This Gift Set is a Target Store Exclusive so you can only find it there. It retails for about $30 & that's a pretty good deal for what you get. So, don't pay the idiot scalper prices you see on eBay, ha ha! Once they restock their stores it should be around. I have pictures of almost all the figures & vehicles included but couldn't find a decent picture of the Robin figure & his special Motorcycle Bat-Bike. The other action figures include: The Joker, Mr. Freeze, & 2 different Batman. The vehicles are great too! They include: Bat-Copter, Bat-Wing Jet, & the Joker Car. I'm gonna be looking for one of these because as a multiple set it's really cool!

December 29, 2008

Video: BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Advance Sneek Peek New Episode, This Friday, January 2nd

It looks like Green Arrow will be the special guest on the next episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD on the Cartoon Network, Friday, January 2nd. Here are 2 videos showing them teleported back in time to the days of King Arthur & they meet Merlin The Magician. It looks pretty good & I can't wait to see it.
Part One:

Part Two:

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December 27, 2008

Video: Vintage BATMAN AND ROBIN Toy TV Commercial with the Riddler

This post features a really great Vintage TV Commercial but it is also a test because I created it then posted it on YouTube. So, I am seeing if it works, ha ha! This was a famous TV spot for Zeller's Toy Stores. I really like the art direction of the animation, not bad. It also features the Riddler as the main villain...enjoy! Oh yeah, if you have a blog then please embed this video on your site...thanks!

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Last week I posted a few photos from the amazing Original Art Collection of THE BATFAN. He sent us some pictures to share of some recent art he had commissioned by Joe Pekar. That was "Part One", this is Part Two. In this set there are some major Batman Villains: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, & The Joker. I really love these because they're so well done & the style of them is pretty cool. Thank you "BATFAN" for sending these great pics, I appreciate that. If any other readers have Batman-themed art to share then please send it in. Also, if you would like to check out more of Joe Pekar's pin-up art then here's a link button to his website:

BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM - New Photos From The Video Game

A friend just sent me a few screen shots from the brand new BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game that's coming out soon for the XBox 360, Playstation 3 ( PS3 ), & the PC. In these pics you can really get a better view of his costume & the detailing is pretty cool ( click on them for larger, more detailed, shots ). So far all the graphics I have seen make this game look very interesting. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we finally get a good one!

December 26, 2008

Video: Batman's New Voice-Over Career

Just in case they don't make another Batman movie he can always do voice-overs.

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Amazing 1966 BATMAN TV SHOW Custom Action Figure Dolls by Darkside Customs

A new friend to the Bat-Blog, named Rick, sent me an e-mail about his cool hobby of making custom dolls & action figures. He calls his company DARKSIDE CUSTOMS & his work is totally amazing! His focus is on the many different characters from the classic 1966 Batman TV Show. The attention to detail is totally insane! Plus, I really enjoy that he made a few of the obscure villains. Now of course he made a Batman & Robin ( Adam West, Burt Ward ) but the rouge's list includes: Catwoman ( Julie Newmar ), The Riddler ( Frank Gorshin ), Bookworm ( Roddy McDowall ), Mr. Freeze ( Otto Preminger ), The Madhatter ( David Wayne ), & Egghead ( Vincent Price ). I'm showing only a few examples here so if you like these be sure to visit Rick's website!

New For 2009: Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Car By Mattel

There's gonna be a few new variations on the Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Car that has caught a lot of people by surprise. It looks like Mattel will create a reissue of the '66 Batmobile they made last year ( what a surprise, ha ha! ) for 2009. This new version will sport some new tires on the car & the header card will have 2 variations: one has a plain background with concept art of the Batmobile ( nice! ) & the other one is identical but has some "snowflake" graphics on it. These have already started to surface on eBay so I guess they're out now. Remember, be patient & look for these in stores. Don't pay greedy scalper prices! I remember when the 1st original version came out people were paying $100.00+ for these babies. I couldn't believe it! Go look on there now, you can buy them for 99 cents, ha ha!

December 25, 2008

EARTHA KITT ( Catwoman 1966 Batman TV Show ) Passed Away Today at Age 81

I have some very sad news to report. Today, on December 25th, Eartha Kitt, the Award-winning film, theater, music, and TV star passed away at the age of 81 ( Born January 17th, 1927 ). Early reports say colon cancer was the cause of death. Of course all of us Batman Fans know & love her as "The Catwoman" on the 1966 Batman TV Series. As a tribute I would like to ask our readers to watch the following video. It's a RARE 1962 TV appearance where she sang one of her hit songs, "I Want To Be Evil". In it, you will see what a truely original & amazing voice she had. She continued to entertain people, all over the world, all the way up to her passing. She was a very special lady. Also, at the very top of this post ( the 1st large image ), you will find an "Eartha Kitt Tribute Wallpaper" that you can use on your desktop to remember her. She will be missed. Eartha Kitt 1927 - 2008, R.I.P.

December 24, 2008

Video: BATMAN LEGO - Sony PSP Handheld Video Game TV Spot Commercial

This video is pretty short because it's actually a TV commercial for the new SONY PSP Batman Lego Video Game Set. But, the thing that makes it so cool is it's from another country & has a foreign language!
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