December 31, 2008


This week I thought I would post 2 totally unique Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds that I bet you will not find anywhere else! The 1st one is an example of a Pop Art Painting that I came across on the internet. After saving the picture I forgot to get the name of the artist so if anyone knows him please have him contact me. I seriously love this piece of work & it also kind of cracks me up! It shows Batman & Robin as Zombie Monsters...I mean, you can't get anymore awesome than that! The 2nd Batman Wallpaper was done by an artist friend named Sean Hartter. If you're a regular Bat-Blog Reader then you will probably recognize his style. In this one he did a portrait of The Dark Knight. The thing I like best about it is that it's kinda hard to tell if he's the "Modern Batman" or the "1940's Movie Serial" version. OK, obviously it's the newer version but the colors & grainyness kinda remind me of an older era. Plus, it was exclusively done just for this blog, so that's great! ( Thanks Sean ).
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Anonymous said...

The first batman and robin painting is by Gregg Griffin you can see his 100 paintings of batman on flicker or just search Gregg Griffin on google.
Great artist working out of Blah Blah Gallery.

Anonymous said...

Gregg Griffin is a great painter. Cat comes out of Oklahoma and is crazy prolific.