December 27, 2008

Video: Vintage BATMAN AND ROBIN Toy TV Commercial with the Riddler

This post features a really great Vintage TV Commercial but it is also a test because I created it then posted it on YouTube. So, I am seeing if it works, ha ha! This was a famous TV spot for Zeller's Toy Stores. I really like the art direction of the animation, not bad. It also features the Riddler as the main villain...enjoy! Oh yeah, if you have a blog then please embed this video on your site...thanks!

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Bacon said...

Wow , what year is that from. The animation quality is rather damn good.

ozz said...

Cool commercial. The animation is really good. The Batman's voice, however, doesn't sound right to me. It almost sounds too 'distinguished gentleman'. It reminded me of Kelsey Grammer, and it's not what I would've imagined a Batman voice sounding like.