December 29, 2008

Video: BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Advance Sneek Peek New Episode, This Friday, January 2nd

It looks like Green Arrow will be the special guest on the next episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD on the Cartoon Network, Friday, January 2nd. Here are 2 videos showing them teleported back in time to the days of King Arthur & they meet Merlin The Magician. It looks pretty good & I can't wait to see it.
Part One:

Part Two:

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ozz said...

The only bits I've seen of this show have come via the BatBlog. (I don't have cable at the moment.) The artwork seems decent enough.

I think it's interesting that Diedrich Bauer was cast as the voice of the Batman. When I think of him, I think of the goofy characters he played in The Drew Carey Show and Office Space. Kind of an odd choice, but he's got a strong voice.

I'm not really into 'Batman as Time Traveler' stories or teamups with other 'superheroes', so this probably isn't the Batman show for me. Of course, I'm probably not part of the target audience anyway. That said, I hope it succeeds.

Bubbashelby said...

Yay - Etrigan!

The Batfan said...

did ya see all the old 66" tv series Villians in the prison breakout
louie the lilliac,egghead,bookworm,shame,ma parker,goons,either the archer or the minstrel,clock king, king tut,the siren,marsha queen of diamonds,minerva,mad hatter,false face pretty much all of them I saw and that bat armor when bats was turned evil was too cool