December 26, 2008

New For 2009: Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Car By Mattel

There's gonna be a few new variations on the Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Car that has caught a lot of people by surprise. It looks like Mattel will create a reissue of the '66 Batmobile they made last year ( what a surprise, ha ha! ) for 2009. This new version will sport some new tires on the car & the header card will have 2 variations: one has a plain background with concept art of the Batmobile ( nice! ) & the other one is identical but has some "snowflake" graphics on it. These have already started to surface on eBay so I guess they're out now. Remember, be patient & look for these in stores. Don't pay greedy scalper prices! I remember when the 1st original version came out people were paying $100.00+ for these babies. I couldn't believe it! Go look on there now, you can buy them for 99 cents, ha ha!

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