December 30, 2008

Batman Memorabilia From Around The World

OK, anybody who has been reading the Bat-Blog for awhile knows that I am a pretty serious Batman toy collector & one of my favorite things to collect is the "wacky foreign items". So, this post shows a few Batman items from around the globe. The 1st item is a photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Reader who lives near France. This is a set of THE BATMAN Playing Cards made during the time of the TV cartoon series. I really love the cool graphics ( Thanks Andrew for sending this, it's awesome! ). The 2nd pic is something that is in stores right now! In Malaysia, a bath products company that I think is called "Eskulin", is making Batman Talcum Powder, Shower Gel, & Shampoo plus Conditioner. Most Bat-Fans might recognize Jim Lee's artwork on those, very cool! Another item that is out right now, in Argentina & Brazil, is this box of Batman Band-Aids, ha ha! I love the graphics on this packaging too, especially the side with the Joker. The last item is a Nestle Zucosos Cereal Box that was sold in Bulgaria to promote the Dark Knight Batman movie ( I don't think these are available any more ). Anyway, as you can see these are all really wonderful "foreign items" that you can't get here in the United States. Their rariety & wackiness is one reason I really love this kind of stuff. Hope you do too! If you happen to live in another country beside the US then please report to me about Batman goodies in your area. Sharing the love of the character & the joy of collecting is what this blog is ALL about!


ozz said...

I wonder if comic book artists like Lee get any kind of payment when their artwork is used in packaging like these examples.

I don't know who did the artwork for the Band-Aid boxes, but he or she did a solid job, although it almost looks like the Batman and the Joker are dancing. I'm not quite sure what's going on in that one!

Zdravko Genov (Gotham Knight) said...

Sorry, to disappoint you, Tommy, but those cereal boxes aren't from Bulgaria. If they were, I would have had them, ha-ha :)