June 30, 2011

NYCC Video - DAVID FINCH Interview - BATMAN Comic Book Artist

Here's a quick interview with Batman Comic Book Artist David Finch from the New York Comic Con, enjoy.

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Sneak Peek - Mattel's New BATMAN LEGACY Series 2 Action Figures

Check out these extremely cool characters in the Second Wave of 6" BATMAN LEGACY Action Figures by Mattel. We got: Golden Age Batman, Batgirl ( Love the black & yellow costume ), Catman, and Bat-Mite. Yes, Bat-Mite!! It's also cool that there's a Catman too, I mean, what an obscure reference! Plus, I'm really loving the vintage look of these brand-new toys... great stuff here! Now, these are not in stores right now but be sure to look for them later. Hey, the Bat-Blog will keep ya updated, ha!

BATMAN CHARACTER COSPLAY - Supanova Expo in Sydney, Australia ( June 2011 )

This is a quick post to share some extremely fun photos sent in to us by a Bat-Blog Fan who was lucky enough to go to the Supanova Expo in Sydney, Australia this month. He took some nice pics & it looks like everybody had a good time. Hey, just check out these great costumes! You got: Batman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, and the very last photo also features David Finch, the New BATMAN Comic Book Artist. Oh Man, I wish I coulda been there! ( Thanks for sharing, Damien )

June 29, 2011

Bat-Blog's FREE BATMAN WALLPAPERS - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Oh yeah! It's that time again, time to share some BATMAN WALLPAPERS you can use to decorate your computer's desktop. That is, if you're cool enough, ha! Now, the 1st one is pretty simple, it's just a really nice sharp color photo of the most beautiful car in the entire world, George Barris' 1966 BATMAN TV Show Batmobile! Make this your personal wallpaper & I guarantee you will drool for days. Then, next-up, is this unusual image of Batman and Robin fighting Two-Face. I just thought it was a cool graphic because it's from the Golden Age of Comic Books, nice! Remember, please be sure to share these backgrounds with all your friends. In fact, please tell every Batman Fan you know about the BAT-BLOG.COM, thanks!
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This post is a shout-out to all our French-Speaking Friends out there! A Bat-Blog Fan named Damien just told us about a very cool Batman Fan Message Board called "BATMAN EVOLUTION". Now, the thing is, it's totally in French. Damien is French but lives in Australia and decided to creat this forum for sharing "Batman" information. So, if you live in France, or speak French, then please be sure to check it out, just click HERE!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie - Bruce Wayne's New Lamborghini

Over at the Luxury4Play website they posted some photos of the brand-new Lamborghini Car that will be in the next Batman Movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. This will be Bruce Wayne's new Personal Car ( Christian Bale ). If you remember in the last movie, he wrecked his other one trying to save that Accountant Guy, ha! The L4P reporter not only got some great shots of the Lamborghini Car but also the new "Wayne Manor", this is in the UK.

June 28, 2011


This is sort of sad news for Toy Collectors out there. Mattel has decided to cancel the RETRO ACTION DC SUPER HEROES Toy Line. These are the brand-new 8" figures that were made to sort of be like the old vintage MEGO DOLLS from the 1970's. They're totally great toys, very very cool! Well, some Toy Collectors have got together & created a "SAVE THE RETRO LINE" Petition to try & get Mattel to continue making the figures. Basically, what they're saying to Mattel is, "If retail stores don't seem like a profitable solution, then consider making these Retro figures as exclusives on mattycollector.com or consider an annual subscription service." It's sort of a desperate attempt but I think if they got enough people involved then maybe it has a chance. So, if you love the Old Mego Dolls or enjoy collecting these new ones then please CLICK HERE & sign the petition. Every signature helps! Also, please be sure to tell all your friends about it too.

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BATMAN TOY NEWS - Eaglemoss Company To Cancel Batmobile Series

Shown up above are the 1st five Issues in the "Batman Automobilia" Series by Eaglemoss, in the UK. You should be familiar with these toys, the BAT-BLOG was practically the 1st website to report on them. Basically they're highly detailed Batmobiles with small dioramas set-up inside clear-plastic display cases that were sold with it's own special magazine that told the history of that particular Batmobile. Well, the Eaglemoss Company had 10 cars already planned, but now there is very recent news that they now plan to only make the 1st five & the rest will be cancelled. This is sad news because these things are totally cool. We're not quite sure why they have been terminated but hopefully things will turn around. Stay tuned & we'll let ya know.

June 27, 2011

Ryan's CUSTOM BATMAN TOYS - Mighty Muggs Madness!

The Bat-Blog totally digs creativity, in any form, and here's a GREAT example! Here are some photos from a Fan who likes to create Custom Batman Toys. He takes Hasbro MIGHTY MUGGS Figures & repaints them. Now, for Non-Toy-Collector-People out there who don't know, Hasbro has the license to make Marvel Comics Superhero Characters & Mattel does DC Comics. So, since Mighty Muggs are made by Hasbro then they will NEVER do any BATMAN Figures. So, for the people who want them your only choice is to... customize them! Our Friend Ryan has done an extremely excellent job on his Customs. First up is Robin & he looks great! He has also done Bane, Clayface, Batman, & Azrael. Please check out the photos because they are AWESOME!! The Bane & Clayface are my 2 top favorites, then Robin. Which ones do you like? I wanna thank Ryan for sharing these pics & if you want to see more of his cool artwork then just click HERE!

2011 Hot Wheels ARKHAM ASYLUM BATMOBILE - New Batman Toy Car Packaging

This isn't earth-shattering news but there are some Hot Wheels Collectors out there who will find this important. OK, you know the New 2011 Hot Wheels BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM BATMOBILE Car that is out there? Well, it's been seen with variant packaging where one has the BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Logo on it. Now, the cars are exactly the same, it's just a variation on the package design. Mattel is sort of known for doing that kinda thing, ha! Personally I like this new one with the logo because it makes it more of a piece of Bat-Merchandise. ( Thanks Chris )

June 24, 2011

RIP GENE COLAN , Great Comic Book Artist

I'm sad to report that Gene Colan has passed away. He was 84 years old. Most Comic Book Collectors & Fans will for sure know who this incredible Artist is because he worked in the business for many years. He co-created Blade ( The Marvel Comics character that became a Wesley Snipes movie ). His work on Howard The Duck & Daredevil is classic pop culture. I fondly remember his artwork from my childhood. He drew Batman comics & covers with great skill & I have always been a huge fan of his work. He will be missed. Thank you for your wonderful contributions Mr. Colan, RIP.

Near New Jersey This Weekend? Ride the Original 1966 Bat-Copter!!

If you're gonna be in, or near, New Jersey this weekend then you need to hit the NJ Meadowlands Fairgrounds so you can take a ride in the original 1966 BATMAN Bat-Copter! The event starts today, on Friday, June 24th. The cost for riding this classic TV vehicle is about $30 for a 2-minute ride. For more info be sure to visit their website, click HERE!

June 23, 2011

Batman's ADAM WEST is Finally Getting His STAR On the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!

The Official HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME Website has announced that, in 2012, Adam West will be getting a STAR on the Walk of Fame!! It will be awarded for the TELEVISION category, which is great, because it sort of relates to the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. You might remember reading about this battle to get a star here at the Bat-Blog. All along we have tried to be as supportive as we could & we're really proud of this announcement. So, since we'll have to wait till next year to see his star I thought I would post this mock-up photo I made ( Ha Ha! ) and please enjoy this video, that was one of many, to garner support. Also, CONGRATS ADAM WEST...You Deserve It!!

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BATMAN ROBIN and BATGIRL Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday, on Thursday!

I know yesterday was Wednesday and some Bat-Blog Fans look forward to their weekly fix of BATMAN Wallpaper Backgrounds that we post, but we announced the death of the Golden Age Comic Book Artist Lew Sayre Schwartz and it just didn't seem respectful to post anything else. So, here they are now. The 1st one was made using graphics of the box lid for the New 1966 BAT-BOAT Model Kit made by Polar Lights. I like this groovy image, ha! The next one uses a nice picture of Batgirl on her Bat-Cycle that was originally a Warner Bros Store Framed Lithograph. I remember this picture fondly. We used to have a WB Store here where I lived and I really really wanted this piece. They also made a few other in this series & they were all great. I totally loved that store because they had such awesome stuff! Sadly, they closed and I never got the chance to buy any of these prints.
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June 22, 2011

RIP Lew Sayre Schwartz ( 1926 - 2011 ) Golden Age BATMAN Comic Book Artist

It's with a heavy heart that we, here at the Bat-Blog, have to report the passing of a Comic Book Legend & a Pioneer of the Batman character. We're talking about the Artist Lew Sayre Schwartz. He was a major contributor during the early development of the Dark Knight. He was 85 years old & will be deeply missed. We wish to extend our deepest condolences to both his Friends & Family. For more information please be sure to read the news story posted at THE BEAT!
RIP Lew Sayre Schwartz (1926-2011)

June 21, 2011

1940's BATMAN Sunday Comic Strip Pages, IN COLOR!

Over at the "Golden Age Comic Book Stories" Website a Blogger scanned a few 1940's BATMAN SUNDAYS from the New York Sunday Mirror Tab Sections. They're all from 1946. The Artwork is by Jack Burnley, among others. They are all a total joy to read & the vintage graphics are completely beautiful. I've attached one as an example ( Click on it for a larger, more readable, version ), but to see them ALL just click HERE!

Gene's Vintage Photo - The Original BATMAN TV Show 1966 Batmobile Car

Check out this amazing photo! It belongs to a guy in New Jersey named Gene. His story is, "Back in February of 1967, my dad took me and my younger brother Michael over to the Old Armory in West Orange, NJ, where they used to have great Hot Rods and Stock Car Shows. My Dad took this lone photo of us in front of one of the five original BATMAN TV 1966 Batmobiles!" WOW!!! Gene strongly believes the Custom Car he saw in 1967 was the #4 Batmobile ( the vehicle used for all the drag racing scenes ) because of the elaborate seat belt harnesses he and his brother recall seeing in the interior. Also, CHECK OUT the awesome life-size cardboard cutouts of Adam & Burt to the far right!!! This is a Classic Childhood Photograph! I wanna thank BatDave for bringing it to our attention & especially thank Gene for sharing his wonderful childhood memory... great stuff!

New BATMAN - ARKHAM CITY WALLPAPERS - Robin, Catwoman, and The Penguin

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Wallpaper Backgrounds I whipped-up last night to brighten your desktop. They feature a few characters from the new Video Game: Robin, Catwoman, & The Penguin!
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June 20, 2011

New BATMAN TOYS - 18" Mega Scale Mez-Itz Figure by Mezco!

The Mezco Toy Company has announced a brand-new BATMAN MEGA SCALE MEZ-ITZ FIGURE that will be 18 Inches Tall! It's way bigger than previous versions ( 2" and 6" ) and will come in 2 color variations: Limited Edition Black and Gray and Ultra Rare Variant Limited Edition Blue and Grey ( I like the blue one the best ). He features a real cloth cape and 5 points of articulation. Now, before you fall in love, the retail price will be around $200.00, OUCH! This new toy will premiere at the world famous San Diego Comic Con ( 2011 SDCC ) but will also be available at the Official MEZCO Website, click HERE!


Here at the Bat-Blog we love getting fan mail but this one totally ROCKS!

Video - Michael Uslan BATMAN The Dark Knight Phenomenon

Here's an interesting video shot at New York Comic Con of an almost 1-hour speech by Michael Uslan, the Producer of the Batman Movies. This is part one ( 10 minutes ) & there are 5 total, that you can enjoy at YouTube. Basically, he shares his stories about being a HUGE Comic Book Fan & going to early Comic Book Conventions. In fact, he went to the VERY FIRST Comic Con in NYC back in the 1960's. Now the reason I'm posting this video is because he talks about Batman, a lot!

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June 19, 2011

Custom Art BATMAN LOGO SYMBOLS Metal Sculpture

The BAT-BLOG recently had a fan named Thomas send us these pictures to share and they're pretty interesting. Thomas has a friend who is a Sculptor & Product Designer who does custom artwork with metal. Thomas said, "I always thought it was pretty cool and he made really awesome stuff, but I never thought it would be anything I'd want to buy... until NOW!" Ha! What he's talking about is this amazing BATMAN SYMBOL LOGO Wall Relief Sculpture. Meaning, that it has a sort of 3D quality about it. Batman Fans will all know the symbols used here. Basically we got the "Classic Yellow Oval", then the more "Modern-Day" version. Then on top of that is the current logo used for the movie franchise...WOW! I gotta say that this piece of art is really cool & looks extremely well-done. If you enjoy CUSTOM ART, then please be sure to visit the Artist's website. His name is Elliott Bowser & you can see his stuff HERE! ( Thanks Thomas )

Video - Behind the Scenes Look at the BATMAN LIVE UK Rehearsals

Here's a short video from the UK production team bringing the BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour to life. It's main focus is on the choreography of the fight scenes.

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