June 27, 2011

Ryan's CUSTOM BATMAN TOYS - Mighty Muggs Madness!

The Bat-Blog totally digs creativity, in any form, and here's a GREAT example! Here are some photos from a Fan who likes to create Custom Batman Toys. He takes Hasbro MIGHTY MUGGS Figures & repaints them. Now, for Non-Toy-Collector-People out there who don't know, Hasbro has the license to make Marvel Comics Superhero Characters & Mattel does DC Comics. So, since Mighty Muggs are made by Hasbro then they will NEVER do any BATMAN Figures. So, for the people who want them your only choice is to... customize them! Our Friend Ryan has done an extremely excellent job on his Customs. First up is Robin & he looks great! He has also done Bane, Clayface, Batman, & Azrael. Please check out the photos because they are AWESOME!! The Bane & Clayface are my 2 top favorites, then Robin. Which ones do you like? I wanna thank Ryan for sharing these pics & if you want to see more of his cool artwork then just click HERE!

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

those are really Great! VERY artful!