June 23, 2011

BATMAN ROBIN and BATGIRL Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday, on Thursday!

I know yesterday was Wednesday and some Bat-Blog Fans look forward to their weekly fix of BATMAN Wallpaper Backgrounds that we post, but we announced the death of the Golden Age Comic Book Artist Lew Sayre Schwartz and it just didn't seem respectful to post anything else. So, here they are now. The 1st one was made using graphics of the box lid for the New 1966 BAT-BOAT Model Kit made by Polar Lights. I like this groovy image, ha! The next one uses a nice picture of Batgirl on her Bat-Cycle that was originally a Warner Bros Store Framed Lithograph. I remember this picture fondly. We used to have a WB Store here where I lived and I really really wanted this piece. They also made a few other in this series & they were all great. I totally loved that store because they had such awesome stuff! Sadly, they closed and I never got the chance to buy any of these prints.
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