June 28, 2011

BATMAN TOY NEWS - Eaglemoss Company To Cancel Batmobile Series

Shown up above are the 1st five Issues in the "Batman Automobilia" Series by Eaglemoss, in the UK. You should be familiar with these toys, the BAT-BLOG was practically the 1st website to report on them. Basically they're highly detailed Batmobiles with small dioramas set-up inside clear-plastic display cases that were sold with it's own special magazine that told the history of that particular Batmobile. Well, the Eaglemoss Company had 10 cars already planned, but now there is very recent news that they now plan to only make the 1st five & the rest will be cancelled. This is sad news because these things are totally cool. We're not quite sure why they have been terminated but hopefully things will turn around. Stay tuned & we'll let ya know.

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