June 19, 2011

Custom Art BATMAN LOGO SYMBOLS Metal Sculpture

The BAT-BLOG recently had a fan named Thomas send us these pictures to share and they're pretty interesting. Thomas has a friend who is a Sculptor & Product Designer who does custom artwork with metal. Thomas said, "I always thought it was pretty cool and he made really awesome stuff, but I never thought it would be anything I'd want to buy... until NOW!" Ha! What he's talking about is this amazing BATMAN SYMBOL LOGO Wall Relief Sculpture. Meaning, that it has a sort of 3D quality about it. Batman Fans will all know the symbols used here. Basically we got the "Classic Yellow Oval", then the more "Modern-Day" version. Then on top of that is the current logo used for the movie franchise...WOW! I gotta say that this piece of art is really cool & looks extremely well-done. If you enjoy CUSTOM ART, then please be sure to visit the Artist's website. His name is Elliott Bowser & you can see his stuff HERE! ( Thanks Thomas )

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Thomas Bosch said...

So awesome! Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

- Thomas