April 30, 2009

Bat-Blog Reader Shares Original 1966 Batman TV Show Memorabilia & Props

A good friend to the Bat-Blog, named Ralph, has an extremely amazing collection of Batman Toys, Original Props, & Movie/TV Memorabilia. The other day he sent along a few pictures, OK, a TON of photos, ha ha! There were too many to place in one post so I kinda broke them up. ( We love getting a lot of great pics ). This first part covers his "Original 1966 Batman TV Show Props". These items really deserve to be in a museum, seriously! The 1st photo shows an original Pair of Bat-Gloves worn by Adam West on the Classic TV Series. They have been very neatly framed with a letter from Adam West himself. The 2nd photo is the original Mr. Freeze Helmet worn by the actor George Sanders. This was always a favorite villain so seeing this prop is pretty cool! The last 2 items were actual props used in the TV Show. They're from an episode where both Batman & The Penguin run for Mayor of Gotham City. These are the original "Political Posters" seen around "Gotham City". The one of The Penguin is one of those kind of signs someone would wear around town advertising the event. The one of Batman looks like it has been signed by Adam West making it even more valuable. I really love these photos Ralph, thank you so much for sending them. You have an amazing collection that you should be very proud of. Thanks again for sharing them, that's so cool. I promise that l will get around soon to posting the other pics soon. ( Readers - Stay Tuned because Ralph has a totally insane collection of Vintage 1960's Batman Toys that is gonna blow you away. Look for them here at the Bat-Blog very soon! ).

CUSTOM TOYS: Nightwing & Deathstroke Action Figures

You might remember awhile back we shared some customized action figures of Batman & The Joker that were done by a Bat-Blog Fan named John. Well, here are some more he did & they're pretty cool too. So, I proudly present, Nightwing & Deathstroke! John, you're a total artist because these both look AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your cool pics & please keep making these wonderful custom figures ....they're works of ART!

Chris Mason's Art Sketches of 1966 TV Batman & Robin!

POW! A friend on Facebook recently did some extremely awesome drawings of Batman & Robin from the 1966 TV Show. Of course we're talking about Adam West & Burt Ward: The Caped Crusader & The Boy Wonder!! The artist's name is Chris Mason. You can tell that Chris is a huge fan of this classic television series because of the love that went into these drawings. The details are really sharp & my favorite one is the 1st one with the scene from the 60's movie where Batman tries to get rid of a bomb, "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb"! Thanks for letting me post these Chris. I know that a lot of Bat-Blog Fans are gonna really love these, they're GREAT! ZAP!
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April 29, 2009

Funny or Die Humor Video: BATMAN GARAGE SALE with Adam West!

The Funny or Die website has this totally hilarious "Batman skit" video featuring Adam West...heck yeah! It's titled "Batman Garage Sale with Adam West" & if you watch it then you'll probably love it!

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1960's Batgirl Teams Up With The Bat-Blog!

There's a wonderful lady named Yvonne Craig. She's been an actress for a very long time & has had many parts in both Movies & Television. If you're a real Batman Fan ( ha ha ) then you already know who she is. One of her most famous TV roles is that of Batgirl in the 1966 Batman Series. She also played the "Green Orion Slave Girl" on Star Trek. Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about! Well, she's still bouncing around doing RARE comic book convention appearances from time to time. I met her once at a Sci-Fi Show in Dallas, Texas & she was very polite. One of the things I liked about her right away is that she is very down-to-earth. In other words, she's a Super-Classy Lady! Well, I got something to announce that I am extremely proud of & that is that right NOW the Bat-Blog is a link on her personal website...WOW! It's really an honor, seriously, no kidding! I'm really thankful toward Yvonne Craig & my friend Scott in getting me placed there. The 1966 Batman TV Show was sort of my own personal introduction to "the Batman World" & the series has really meant alot to me over the years. To be connected with the show in this way is just a total joy, really. Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that you should visit her new website!! It's extremely well-designed, tons of pics & cool info, plus she does sell her autographed photos which are cool to have if you're a serious bat-collector. Thank You Batgirl!

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THE BAT-ROD! Super-Wacky CUSTOM 1966 BATMOBILE MODEL KIT of Batman TV Show Car

I recently did a post about a Custom Toy Artist named Jeg8 on eBay. He did the "Bat-Cave Display For Your 1:18 Scale Batmobile Hot Wheels Car". Well, his real name is Jim & he sent us some amazing photos of a new kit he customized called THE BAT-ROD!! This is a Super-Crazy, Very Wacked-Out, Totally Custom Model Kit of the 1966 Batman TV Show Batmobile Car! This thing is insane in the membrane! First, it's just so dang cute & adorable ya just have to love it, ha ha! Plus, every bit of it's personality is tweeked out in some weird, over-exagerrated, way...it's cool! The first 2 photos are actually DESKTOP WALLPAPERS. The next 2 photos after those are more for detail of the car, a side & back view. The "Batmobile Backgrounds" show just a car, centered, in all it's glory. The 2nd one is a group shot showing a few other customs ( I like the Ghostbuster's Ecto-1 Station Wagon! )...but the '66 BAT-ROD is #1. Thank you very very much Jim for sharing pics of this cool custom toy, it's great!
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BATWOMAN Action Figure Portrait Photo

WOW! This is a pretty cool figure! A friend to the Bat-Blog, known as Neville, sent us this super-nice close-up photo of one of his brand-new toys. He explained, "This is my action figure of Batwoman, it's an alternate universe version of the Dark Knight, from issue #24 - 25 of Batman/Superman. Her name is Helena Wayne." Thanks Neville, awesome pic!


Just a quick post to announce that a new BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Bat-Product will be hitting retail stores pretty soon ( they're already at Amazon ). It's a Batman: The Brave & The Bold MY-SIZE PUZZLE by Mattel! These puzzles are super-giant-sized, have really sharp graphics, & what some people do is put them on the wall for display in kid's rooms. They're very cool. I've bought a few older vintage ones for nephews & they really loved them! The graphics on this one is of the full-figure shot of the Batman & Red Tornado characters. ( Thanks John, about letting me know about this new item & where to buy it ).

April 27, 2009

George Barris-Inspired 1966 Batmobile Car Items

Batman has a lot of cars, jets, subs, & other vehicles. There are almost way too many to even mention! But if you ask a large group of people what their favorite car is then one of the top ones has got to be the 1966 Batmobile Car designed by George Barris for the '66 Batman TV Show. It will always be #1 because it's a Classic! Recently, I have come across a few "Bat-Car-Inspired" photos & decided to share them here. The 1st pic is of an actual "George Barris item" you can buy, not from me, but from his personal website. It's a 1966 BAT-CAR Lapel Pin made out of metal & when I last checked it was only $8.00, a great deal. The 2nd photo is of a fine art painting I saw on the Jonathan Levine Art Gallery website. An artist named M. Todd did this wonderful painting totally inspired by the famous TV car. I really like the primative, almost child-like, style of the art...very nice. The last photo is sort of a humor photo but it's also extremely cool because it's real. This is one of those little micro-mini eco cars that have been popping-up lately. This one has been totally customized to look like Batman's car! It's black, with classic red pinstriping, just like the Barris Car. Also, Ya gotta love those big-tailfins! Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed some of these pics, I thought they were cool. If you ever come across any great Batman-related photos then please send them in because sharing the love of the character & the collecting is what the Bat-Blog is all about!

2009 “Design Scholarship Challenge” Contest for Aspiring Graphic Designers

I know from personal experience that many of Bat-Blog Readers are very creative people & there are even a lot of graphic artists who read this page. So, that's the reason for this post, to pass along this information about a Design Contest sponsored by DC Comics. The company handling the publicity on this event is the "Visual Diner" website & here's what their PR copy says: "Do you have an eye for design? If you’re an aspiring graphic designer or just someone who loves being creative, the 2009 Design Scholarship Challenge sponsored by Brooks Institute, Brown College, Collins College, Harrington College of Design and the International Academy of Design & Technology along with DC Comics is your chance. Design a print and online ad for the Absolute Justice graphic novel, full of some of your favorite DC Comics characters. Local winners receive $5,000 scholarship at one of the sponsoring schools and a trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2009 to present design ideas to a panel of judges. The national winner receives an additional $20,000 scholarship and the opportunity to work with DC Comics on an upcoming marketing campaign." For more information about entering be sure to visit the VISUAL DINER.

April 26, 2009

Modern-Style BATMAN WITH CATWOMAN & BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

I'm always posting Batman Desktop Wallpapers & when I do I usually try to go with a "theme". This time I thought I would try to be "Modern". So, for the 1st one, I chose a Batman graphic with a cool color scheme that I thought was very "modern looking". For the next one I wanted to cover the new video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, because it's something happening to the character right this very minute so that's modern too, right? Anyways, hope you like at least one of them!
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Photos: Some Very Cool BATMAN & THE JOKER Belt Buckles

I'll admit that I don't really wear belts, never have. I don't like them. I don't know if it's fashion or if I have just never had a problem with my pants falling down, ha ha! One job I had one time I had to wear a belt, I hated it. But, while surfing the net the other day, I came across some extremely cool Batman & Joker Belt Buckles that are so awesome, I just might have to start sporting a belt! The 1st two shown are, of course, are the Classic Bat-Symbol Logo. One is the traditional "Yellow Oval" & the other is a chrome-plated bat shape. It looks pretty cool in simple elegant shiny silver! The next two are just as great. They feature THE JOKER villain! the 1st one is a close-up of his evil face. The 2nd one is the Silver-Age Style JOKER LOGO...Sweet! I don't know, between the two Jokers, I really like the comic book logo. Maybe it just reminds me of my childhood or something. If you would like to see some more Bat-Belts then be sure to click on the link below.

Batcave “Atomic Pile” and Cave Backdrop For Your 1/18th Scale 1966 Batmobile Car

Everybody knows how I like it when Bat-Fan Artists get totally creative & use Batman in their art in some way. Well, here's an amazing example! A guy on eBay, named Jeb8, recently posted this "Batcave Atomic Pile & Cave" Backdrop you can get to help display your 1/18th Scale 1966 Batmobile Car. Basically it's an extremely well-made, highly detailed, "model kit" that has been made to look like "a piece of scenery" from the Classic 1966 Batman TV Show. Just looking at the photos up above you can see the attention to accurate detail is totally insane! I bet this item will become pretty popular with hardcore Batman Fans! If there are any readers out there who make custom dolls, toys, action figures...whatever, then please send us some photos to share. Our e-mail button is always at the top right-hand side of this page.

The NEW Polar Lights 1966 BATMOBILE CAR MODEL KIT from the '60's Batman TV Show

Here's a wonderful new Batman Product that will be extremely popular with Bat-Collectors later this year. In fact, the release date is for the very end of this year. But the good news is that POLAR LIGHTS will be re-releasing the 1966 Batmobile TV Show Car Model Kit!! This is the famous custom car designed by George Barris. It's gonna be sold 2 ways with 2 different types of packaging. One will be in the normal cardboard box with some awesome "Vintage Style" graphics. I mean, it really looks retro & has that awesome "1960's model kit look". The next way they'll be selling it is in an EMBOSSED TIN BOX which has a beautiful image of the 1966 Batmobile. This "Special Collector's Tin Box Edition" will also have a bonus art print. The Tin Box will be wrapped with a "belly band" that, when removed, will showcase the entire '66 Batmobile Art on the front of the box. Both kits measure about 7" long. Now, as we get more news closer to the release date then we'll be one of the first letting you know about it. So, please stay tuned to the Bat-Blog for all your Batman Collecting News!


April 24, 2009


Yesterday I received an e-mail from a Bat-Blog Reader who sent some incredible photos of her boyfriend's display of Batman Memorabilia. She said, "Hello Bat-Blog, my name is Melissa and I wanted to tell you guys about my boyfriend's Batman Toy collection. He has so much stuff we had to buy a bigger house with a room just for Batman! He has about 20 boxes in the garage that are unopened complete old Batman sets and the whole room is full, its pouring over into the other rooms! I took some pics and I have included them. By the way, he goes on your site every day & his name is Pete, thanks." WOW!! Melissa, please tell Pete that he has some very amazing super-cool stuff & I really appreciate YOU sending these great pics, thank you. I love to see what other Batman Collectors have. I always end up playing that game where I am like, "OK I have that, I don't have that, I have never seen that before, oooh awww I want that!", ha ha! It's great! As always we want to invite any Bat-Blog Readers to send us cool photos, information, news, etc...if the Bat-Blog is any good at all it's because of it's amazing fans...Thanks so much!