April 24, 2009


Yesterday I received an e-mail from a Bat-Blog Reader who sent some incredible photos of her boyfriend's display of Batman Memorabilia. She said, "Hello Bat-Blog, my name is Melissa and I wanted to tell you guys about my boyfriend's Batman Toy collection. He has so much stuff we had to buy a bigger house with a room just for Batman! He has about 20 boxes in the garage that are unopened complete old Batman sets and the whole room is full, its pouring over into the other rooms! I took some pics and I have included them. By the way, he goes on your site every day & his name is Pete, thanks." WOW!! Melissa, please tell Pete that he has some very amazing super-cool stuff & I really appreciate YOU sending these great pics, thank you. I love to see what other Batman Collectors have. I always end up playing that game where I am like, "OK I have that, I don't have that, I have never seen that before, oooh awww I want that!", ha ha! It's great! As always we want to invite any Bat-Blog Readers to send us cool photos, information, news, etc...if the Bat-Blog is any good at all it's because of it's amazing fans...Thanks so much!

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ozz said...

That's quite the collection!