April 29, 2009

Funny or Die Humor Video: BATMAN GARAGE SALE with Adam West!

The Funny or Die website has this totally hilarious "Batman skit" video featuring Adam West...heck yeah! It's titled "Batman Garage Sale with Adam West" & if you watch it then you'll probably love it!

CLICK HERE For More Funny Batman Video!


JED said...

I just love Adam. This was hysterical and I will gladly buy him a Beef & Cheddar anytime!

JED said...

LOL! I just love Adam and would gladly buy him a Beef & Cheddar anytime!

ozz said...

Jed loves Adam so much that he'll gladly buy him two Beef & Cheddars!


Humorous stuff! I could actually imagine West doing something like that for real.

bill_finger said...

I love it.