April 30, 2009

Chris Mason's Art Sketches of 1966 TV Batman & Robin!

POW! A friend on Facebook recently did some extremely awesome drawings of Batman & Robin from the 1966 TV Show. Of course we're talking about Adam West & Burt Ward: The Caped Crusader & The Boy Wonder!! The artist's name is Chris Mason. You can tell that Chris is a huge fan of this classic television series because of the love that went into these drawings. The details are really sharp & my favorite one is the 1st one with the scene from the 60's movie where Batman tries to get rid of a bomb, "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb"! Thanks for letting me post these Chris. I know that a lot of Bat-Blog Fans are gonna really love these, they're GREAT! ZAP!
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ozz said...

Cool stuff. I like the facial expression on the bomb-wielding Batman.

CM said...

Thanks man! - love the blog, been a fan for a while now... As you can see I'm a huge fan of the old TV show, in fact I'm old enough to say I saw it in first run...

I've got a few pieces up FOR SALE on my facebook page - feel free to add me as a friend - I also do commission work, am doing a bunch of 'hyper' styled Batman & villains (will have pics of those posted soon)

Thanks again Tommy for the link!!

And be sure and drop in on www.SuperheroHype.com - I cofounded SHH and we cover ALL the comics hitting the big-screen!