April 30, 2009

Bat-Blog Reader Shares Original 1966 Batman TV Show Memorabilia & Props

A good friend to the Bat-Blog, named Ralph, has an extremely amazing collection of Batman Toys, Original Props, & Movie/TV Memorabilia. The other day he sent along a few pictures, OK, a TON of photos, ha ha! There were too many to place in one post so I kinda broke them up. ( We love getting a lot of great pics ). This first part covers his "Original 1966 Batman TV Show Props". These items really deserve to be in a museum, seriously! The 1st photo shows an original Pair of Bat-Gloves worn by Adam West on the Classic TV Series. They have been very neatly framed with a letter from Adam West himself. The 2nd photo is the original Mr. Freeze Helmet worn by the actor George Sanders. This was always a favorite villain so seeing this prop is pretty cool! The last 2 items were actual props used in the TV Show. They're from an episode where both Batman & The Penguin run for Mayor of Gotham City. These are the original "Political Posters" seen around "Gotham City". The one of The Penguin is one of those kind of signs someone would wear around town advertising the event. The one of Batman looks like it has been signed by Adam West making it even more valuable. I really love these photos Ralph, thank you so much for sending them. You have an amazing collection that you should be very proud of. Thanks again for sharing them, that's so cool. I promise that l will get around soon to posting the other pics soon. ( Readers - Stay Tuned because Ralph has a totally insane collection of Vintage 1960's Batman Toys that is gonna blow you away. Look for them here at the Bat-Blog very soon! ).


ozz said...

That's some priceless stuff he's got there. The election signs have got to be rarer than rare!

Anonymous said...

I thought Adam didn't autograph Batman memorabilia,or is that something he started doing in the eBay age?

Al Hartman said...

The "Pengy" sign is what is called a "Sandwich Board."