August 31, 2011


Awhile back, here at the BAT-BLOG.COM, we featured a few photos of the work of some very creative people who have been inspired by Batman. One Artist was a guy named Pete & this photo was recently sent in to us. It's his Custom BATMAN BUST Statue, "Michael keaton" version. The previous photo showed the piece in an early stage of creation. Well, this pic was taken after it was all painted! My favorite part, and I know this is kinda dumb on my part, is the "Bat-Belt" design at the base. I don't know, that's kinda clever. But overall it's a great piece. So, have YOU done any drawing, painting, or any other creative endeavor? HEY! Shoot us some pics & send them in! ( Thanks Pete, Good Job on this Art! )


While surfing through the TFAW website the other night, to see what brand-new Batman products there are out there, I came across these really cool BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY T-Shirts. Of course they feature graphics from the video game. Three of them focus on the logo or other generic graphic art, while the others all feature Bat-Villains like Harley Quinn & Two-Face. Now, there are no Joker shirts right now, but you know there will be, ha! For more information CLICK HERE!

CATWOMAN Bat-Pod and HARLEY QUINN Arkham City - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

For this week's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" I thought I would celebrate 2 of the sexiest batman Villains out there, Catwoman & Harley Quinn! Also, the 1st one sort of celebrates "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES" Movie because we all know that Selina Kyle ( Anne Hathaway's character ) is going to be stealing the Bat-Pod in one part of the film. Second, the Harley Quinn image is from the new BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Video Game that comes out towards the end of 2011.
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August 30, 2011

Vintage Wacky 1960's Japanese BATMAN AND ROBIN Tin Toy Jeep!

You know we love us some cool Vintage 60's BATMAN Toys, especially the ones from Japan! Here's a great example of the crazy wacky kind of stuff made for the Japanese foreign market. No, it's not a Batmobile car. This is a Tin Toy JEEP with a Batman and Robin design, and it has awesome bat-graphics all over it, POW!

Funny BATMAN Humor Photos & Comic Strip

I thought that our friends on the east coast could use a little humor after what they have been getting from Hurricane Irene. I know things are still messed-up but we want you all to know that we're thinking about you & hope things are starting to get better. I'd also like to ask my readers to please DONATE to the AMERICAN RED CROSS. They do great work & every single dollar helps, Thanks.

Video - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Trailer with BANE by Rated Awesome!

Here's the latest Batman Movie Parody Video from the "Rated Awesome" Comedy team. It's the 1st one I've seen with BANE, ha ha!

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August 29, 2011

Video Proof - BATMAN Hits The Skate Park in Gotham City!

Ever since Batman was a small child, & his Parents were murdered in front of him, he has trained both his body & mind to total perfection so he can fight Criminal Scum in Gotham City. Well, here is photographic proof that he can also rip-up a Skateboard pretty good too!

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The JUNIOR BATSQUAD Strikes Back!!

The JUNIOR BATSQUAD is a group of Kids living in New Jersey who are all total Batman Fans, they're AWESOME! Well, these photos are from a recent field trip where they got to visit a Super BATMAN Toy Collector who has a ton of cool collectibles. While there they goofed around & took these fun pics for the Bat-Blog.

In the 1st one they holding up an extremely RARE Autographed Framed Photo of Lewis Wilson as BATMAN, from the 1943 Serial Movies. I guess you could say he was the very 1st Batman Actor! Sadly, he died in 2000 at the golden age of 80. It's an extremely cool photo.

Next, the Kids are playing with a 1967 BATMAN Movie Prop. Actually, it's a Replica of the BOMB made famous by Adam West. I love the pose of the Boy holding it, just like West in the film, hilarious!!

The 1st DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Tattoo - Tom Hardy as BANE

A friend of mine sent me this photo he randomly came across in a Message Board on the Internet. I couldn't believe it, somebody went & got themselves a "BANE" Tattoo! Yes, this image is the "Actor Tom Hardy" version. Now, the artwork is decent & the Tattoo is pretty nice, but what if the movie sucks? I remember a year or two ago when we were covering the last Batman movie pretty hard. The same thing happened then. Before THE DARK KNIGHT movie was released, even while it was still being filmed, a lot of people went out & got JOKER TATTOOS based on publicity photos. I had the same fears then but once the movie came out everything was cool because Heath Ledger gave an amazing performance & the Joker character ( and movie ) was actually great, whew! Let's hope these "Bane Tattoo" people have the same luck.

August 28, 2011

Paul's Amazing MR FREEZE Batman Movie Costume From Australia!

Our friend Hannah shared these wonderful pics with me the other night of her friend Paul. He lives in Australia & made this amazing MR FREEZE Costume. Of course it's the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" version from the 1997 BATMAN AND ROBIN Movie. WOW! It lights-up & everything, ha! That's impressive! Great Job Paul & Thanks Hannah. It's so cool to see Batman popular in foreign countries, I love that!


Yesterday,here at the BAT-BLOG.COM, we did a story about Microsoft releasing a Special Edition XBox 360 Custom Case with BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY graphics. The thing is totally beautiful, ha! On one side it features art of The Joker. Well, we got a hold of that artwork & made this ARKHAM CITY JOKER WALLPAPER to brighten your desktop, enjoy!
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New 2011 BATMAN Plastic Model Kits By Moebius - Tumbler Batmobile and Bat-Pod Motorcycle

Shown here are a few prototype pics of 2 Brand-New BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT Movie Plastic Model Kits that will be released by Moebius Models near the end of September, 2011. They're gonna make a Tumbler Batmobile ( 1:25 Scale ), a Bat-Pod Motorcycle( 1:25 Scale ),and a Set of 3 Figures ( no photos on those yet ). The best picture here is the Bat-Pod, click on it for way more detail. They're gonna retail for around $15 so be sure to look for them later. Also, once we get better pics we will share them here.

August 27, 2011

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY News - Custom XBox 360 Console Case!

Rocksteady & Microsoft have teamed-up to come out with a Custom BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Console Case for the XBox 360. The graphics are the "black and white theme" you have been seeing in the advertising for the new Video Game. One side has Batman, the other, The Joker! There is even an "BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY" Logo on the front. Hey, I think it looks pretty cool!!

BAT-BLOG CONTEST - Win a Copy of the New BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD ( Season Two, Part One ) DVD Set!

The Bat-Blog is famous for it's beautiful contest prizes and, thanks to the kindness of Warner Bros' Public Relations Department, we will be giving away a FREE COPY of the latest ( Brand-New! ) BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD (Season Two, Part One ) 2-Disc DVD Set!! Yes, you might have read our review of this new product right here, but just in case you didn't, it's AWESOME! ( I mean the DVD Set, not the review, ha ha! CLICK HERE! ). Now, you have a chance to win a free copy! Here's the simple rules on how to enter: First, Just email your full name/address with the phrase "NEW BATMAN BRAVE AND THE BOLD DVD SET!" in the title. Second, Please be sure to tell all your friends about the Bat-Blog.Com. It's that easy! The contest is open to all countries & the only thing we ask is that if you already own a copy then please pass on this contest to allow someone who doesn't have it to get it, whew! Plus, the CONTEST ENDS on Saturday, September 3rd, 2011. We will announce the WINNER on the very next day right here at the BAT-BLOG.COM on September 4th, 2011. Our email button is down below, click on it NOW!!


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August 26, 2011

HOT TOYS DX08 1989 BATMAN Movie 1/6th Scale BATMAN - Michael Keaton Figure

HOT TOYS just released the Official Promo Photos for the Brand-New 1989 BATMAN Movie Figures & here is Actor Michael Keaton as BATMAN! Wow! This Figure is extremely detailed & just a joy to look at... I want it, NOW! The Specs include:
  • It's approx. 11.8 Inches Tall. ( Yes, Practically a "12-inch Figure" ).
  • New "Batman Body" with 30 Points of Articulation
  • Head Sculpt with 3 Interchangeable Facial Expressions
  • Parallel Eyeball Rolling System ( PERS )
  • 7 - Interchangeable Hands ( All Gloved )
Costume, Accessories, and Weapons Include:
  • Bat-Suit with Cape
  • Utility-Belt
  • Black Boots
  • Gauntlets
  • Batarang!
  • Grapple Gun
  • 2 - Ninja Stars
  • 3 - Smoke Capsules
  • Timer Bomb w/ Remote
  • Light-Up Figure Stand Base

HOT TOYS DX08 1989 BATMAN Movie 1/6th Scale JOKER - Jack Nicholson Figure

HOT TOYS has finally released Official Promo Photos for the Brand-New 2011 HOT TOYS DX08 BATMAN 1989 Movie 1/6th Scale Figures and here is THE JOKER!! Of course we're talking about the "Jack Nicholson" version and oh man, look at the face... it's JACK!! The details to this thing are totally insane and the pictures speak for themselves, but check this out:
  • It's approx. 11.8 Inches Tall. ( Yes, Practically a "12-inch Figure" ).
  • Body has 30+ Points of Articulation
  • Parallel Eyeball Rolling System ( PERS )
  • Eight (8) Pieces of Interchangeable Hands ( All Gloved )
  • Detailed Clothing with Extra Jacket & Hat
Accessories Include:
  • 1 - Hand Gun ( Super-Long Barrel )
  • 1 - Hand Gun with "BANG" Flag!
  • 1 - Chattering Teeth
  • 1 - Orange MegaPhone
  • 1 - Walkie Talkie
  • 1 - Joker Playing Card
  • 1 - Remote Control
  • 1 - Gas Mask
  • 1 - Walking Cane
  • 4 - Piles of Money
  • Light-Up Figure Stand Base with "JOKER" & Movie Logo