August 29, 2011

The 1st DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Tattoo - Tom Hardy as BANE

A friend of mine sent me this photo he randomly came across in a Message Board on the Internet. I couldn't believe it, somebody went & got themselves a "BANE" Tattoo! Yes, this image is the "Actor Tom Hardy" version. Now, the artwork is decent & the Tattoo is pretty nice, but what if the movie sucks? I remember a year or two ago when we were covering the last Batman movie pretty hard. The same thing happened then. Before THE DARK KNIGHT movie was released, even while it was still being filmed, a lot of people went out & got JOKER TATTOOS based on publicity photos. I had the same fears then but once the movie came out everything was cool because Heath Ledger gave an amazing performance & the Joker character ( and movie ) was actually great, whew! Let's hope these "Bane Tattoo" people have the same luck.

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