August 29, 2011

The JUNIOR BATSQUAD Strikes Back!!

The JUNIOR BATSQUAD is a group of Kids living in New Jersey who are all total Batman Fans, they're AWESOME! Well, these photos are from a recent field trip where they got to visit a Super BATMAN Toy Collector who has a ton of cool collectibles. While there they goofed around & took these fun pics for the Bat-Blog.

In the 1st one they holding up an extremely RARE Autographed Framed Photo of Lewis Wilson as BATMAN, from the 1943 Serial Movies. I guess you could say he was the very 1st Batman Actor! Sadly, he died in 2000 at the golden age of 80. It's an extremely cool photo.

Next, the Kids are playing with a 1967 BATMAN Movie Prop. Actually, it's a Replica of the BOMB made famous by Adam West. I love the pose of the Boy holding it, just like West in the film, hilarious!!

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