April 30, 2008


OK, it's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" again...I love this day, ha ha! For today's 2 Free Batman Backgrounds I thought I would use the graphics from the NEW Dark Knight International Movie Banner Poster & then another graphic that's a great shot of the Christian Bale/Batman with a cool TDK Bat-Symbol Logo. I know the one on top looks kinda weird but the "top & bottom" of the wallpaper is black & it blends in with my black background. Go ahead & give it a try, you'll like it!!
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OK, The beautiful Dark Knight International Movie Posters just came out the other day ( See the previous posting at the Bat-Blog ) & now this, a Giant Advertising Banner! Be sure to click on the image up above because it's really HUGE!! This is a lot like the other international movie poster, where Batman is standing in the window, but this time he's crashing through it!! It's a remarkable image & I'm sure it will be on every MySpace page & personal blog tomorrow morning!! Also, be sure to stay tuned with the Bat-Blog because very very soon I'm gonna make some Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds with this photo...sweet! Remember, you saw it here first!!

BATMAN MOVIE TRAILER COMPARISONS: 1989 Batman & The Dark Knight, This Will Freak You Out!!

This is really freaky!! Somebody noticed how close to the same thing the new DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Trailer ( Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale ) is to the 1989 BATMAN Movie Trailer ( Tim Burton, Michael Keaton ) one. The thing you should do is listen to the new one but just watch the old '89 version...FREAKY!
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April 29, 2008

VIDEO: HBO First Look - Behind The Scenes of The MASK OF THE PHANTASM Batman Animated Cartoon Movie!

This is the 15 minute "HBO First Look" TV Special that aired before the 1993 release of the movie, "Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm," based on the Emmy Award winning television series, "Batman: The Animated Series," which was originally aired from 1992-1995 and is considered to be the "definitive Batman." I seriously LOVE this movie and never knew HBO did a special about it. It's pretty cool. Here's the complete show, parts 1 & 2...enjoy!
Part One:
Part Two:

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Vintage 1960's BATMAN TOYS and MEMORABILIA From Around The World! ( Japan, The UK, & Italy )

OK, The Bat-Blog has been reporting a lot on the Dark Knight Batman Movie lately & to be honest it's getting a little old, ha ha! Don't get me wrong. I'm totally excited about this movie & can't wait till it comes out, but I also love the vintage toys too! So, I thought I would post a few Super-RARE pieces of Batman Memorabilia from around the globe. We start in Japan, where in the 1960's, some Japanese company produced this wonderful Batman Action Figure (Doll?). It must be kinda boot-leg because the colors are wayyyy off! But I think that gives the piece a lot of charm & it does make it a variant figure, something different for the collection. The next item comes from England, or as I like to call it, The UK! It's a Batman Ballpoint Pen shown on the original blister card...beautiful vintage graphics, a favorite item! The 3rd photo is also an item from the UK. It's a RARE Corgi Car vehicle from their "Husky Extra" line #1003. It's a Bat-Boat with Trailer from the 1966 TV Series. This was sold to go with their 1966 Batmobile from the same Batman TV Show. Oh my god, look at the price! It was only 59 cents, ha ha! The last photo is a very obscure item from Italy. It's a Batman Costume Playset in original bag with header card. I love the vintage Bat-Logo on the card & the "toy" itself is pretty cool too. It was made by Il Giocattolo, an Italian company. OK, I should not have "went off" at the beginning of this post about being tired of The Dark Knight Movie News but I just wanted everybody to know that we have not forgot about the people who love the vintage toys. Mainly, because we love them too!

New THE DARK KNIGHT / BATMAN WALLPAPERS Made With The International Posters

Tomorrow is the day I usually post "Batman Desktop Backgrounds" but I thought I would post a few today to honor the release of the "International Movies Posters" from the other day. Here are 3 that I made using those graphics. The 1st one is the poster with all three faces. The next 2 uses the "Bat-Pod Motorcycle" poster...enjoy! Oh yeah, I'll be making some more so be sure to visit the Bat-Blog again!
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5 New THE DARK KNIGHT / BATMAN International Movie Posters

OK, I kinda take a break on Sunday & what happens? Five brand new International Movie Posters for THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie gets released, ha ha! Here they are in all their glory, enjoy! There are 3 of them that have "Character Faces" like Heath Ledger's Joker, Christian Bale's Batman, & Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent. There's an action shot of the Batman Bat-Pod Motorcycle flying through a window in Gotham City. ( I really love the Batpod one, a lot! ). And then there's one with all 3 faces...awesome! Oh by the way, I wanna know which poster you guys like the best so please COMMENT down below & let us know!


Warner Bros has made a hint that the NEW Dark Knight Batman Movie Trailer # 2 will be on their HAPPY TRAILS website this Sunday. Let's keep an eye out for that! Here's a link button for that viral marketing website:

April 28, 2008


Sneak Peek! OK, it's not the best quality but this is the brand-new DARK KNIGHT BATMAN Movie Trailer # 2 shown in Brazil that will be released by Warner Bros Studio in a few days ( maybe this Sunday at the WHYSOSERIOUS/HAPPYTRAILS website). We really get to hear The Joker's voice ( Heath Ledger ) a lot more in this one. There's also more of a focus on Harvey Dent ( Aaron Eckhart ) & Rachel Dawes ( Maggie Gyllenhaal ). Overall, this new movie trailer is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!
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PASS FAIL STUDIOS A Funny Comic Book Superhero-Related Webcomic!

While surfing the web the other day I came across this hilarious webcomic by Pass Fail Studios. It revolves around the characters of the DC & Marvel Comics Universe. Up above is one such panel, click on it for more easy reading. The web comic has a ton of references to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Powergirl, Wolverine, Spiderman, X-Men, etc... & some are pretty gosh-darn funny! Check it out sometime. Oh yeah, remember to BOOKMARK the Bat-Blog before ya go!
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New THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Poster with THE JOKER!

Tonight a friend of the Bat-Blog, named Gary, sent a link to this picture. It's suppose to be another Batman Movie Poster for THE DARK KNIGHT, kinda like the recent one released by Warner Bros, but this one has Heath Ledger as THE JOKER! OK, I think it's "fan-made" because it's the same image of The Joker used in the international release movie poster...but it's extremely cool!! Thanks for the very nice pic Gary. We wanna invite every Bat-Blog Reader to send us cool stuff like this, it's awesome!

New THE DARK KNIGHT Batman - Logo MP3 Player!

Tonight I got an e-mail of a "Product Press Release" from the owner of a new company to look out for in the near future. His name is John & apparently his Hong Kong company, called "POP BOX COLLECTIBLES", is going to make a ton of cool Batman/Dark Knight products & electronics. One such item will be THE DARK KNIGHT MP3 PLAYER that is shaped in the size of the movie's Bat-Logo! The earplugs look pretty cool too! Here's some information on the item: *Description:* Bat logo shaped 1 GB flash drive MP3 player with headset. Can hold around 240 songs or store files. Comes in designer box packaged format. *Highlights:* - Unique miniature Bat logo shaped MP3 player - Approximately 7cm long casing features glowing edge effect inspired by movie logo - High quality Bat suit hood ear shaped, ambient noise reduction, headset with 3 exchangeable size buds for perfect fit and comfort. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz - USB cable included for built-in rechargeable battery (up to 12 hours) and data exchange - Windows XP/Vista or Max OS X v10.4.8 required for data exchange. No software driver needed *Release Date:* June/July 2008 Stay tuned to the Bat-Blog & we'll have more product releases from this company that looks like they're gonna make some really great Batman/The Dark Knight merchandise! Oh yeah, Here is a LINK BUTTON to one of the only US companies selling this product:

April 25, 2008

The Brand-New THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Poster From WHY SO SERIOUS Website!

Here's 2 Batman Wallpapers of the NEW The Dark Knight Movie Poster!!
I know that with all the viral marketing Warner Brothers has been doing lately with their different websites that we have been expecting a brand-new movie trailer for TDK. Well, instead, they gave us a new THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie poster instead!! Here's the new movie poster & below that I also made it into 2 different Wallpaper backgrounds you can use in a MySpace layout or your PC desktop. Also, Click the WARNER BROTHERS LOGO Link Button down below for a super-high-resolution photo of this poster from Warner Bros.
CLICK HERE To download the new High-Resolution THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Poster from the Warner Brothers Website!!

VINTAGE PHOTO: A 1966 Batman TV Show Fan Wearing The Classic Batman Logo T-Shirt!

A friend of ours from England, named Gary, Sent us this amazing vintage family photo he found that shows a kid wearing the original "Batman TV Show Logo" T-Shirt!! I love old photos like this that show fans from different time periods. As a little kid, growing up in the 60's, I had this exact same T-Shirt! I have an original photo of me somewhere ( age 5, I think ) wearing it...I gotta get a scan of it someday!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photo Gary & I wanna invite all other readers who have ANY Batman-related photos to send them in today ( our e-mail button is on the top-right-hand-side of this blog).

THE ART OF DON NEWTON: An Awesome Fan-Site For A Great Comic Book Artist!

I just re-discovered a really cool website that's totally devoted to the career & artwork of Don Newton. Sadly Don Newton died of a heart attack in 1984. But this site gives a great biography of him & many great examples of his work. He drew comics for many major companies like Charlton, Marvel, & DC Comics. He was a regular artist on Batman for awhile in the late 70's & early 80's. He also drew The Phantom, The Defenders, Ghost Rider, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, The Avengers, & The Invincible Ironman, among many many others. The double-graphic you see in color next to the original sketch pencils, that looks like a comic book cover, was suppose to be the cover to Batman #356 but was rejected. Luckily the artwork got picked up by a fanzine magazine & became the cover to The Comics Reader # 205. His graphic style is very amazing & the website is worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of his work. I have included a LINK BUTTON down below, click on his "Signature".
CLICK HERE To visit The DON NEWTON Comic Book Artist Fan Website!!

April 24, 2008

Jack Nicholson, as The Joker, Shows Support For Hillary Clinton?!

In a strange report from The Huffington Post, a very well-respected Political Blog, they featured this video of a real TV Commercial showing Jack Nicholson, in many different movie characters ( including The 1989 Batman Movie JOKER ), saying different things that relate to his approval of Hillary Clinton for President. At first I thought it was a joke or a fan-made trailer but it's the real deal. It's airing in certain cities & is kinda surreal.

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Preview: NEW The DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Toys & Memorabilia!

I've been collecting some RARE photos of some of the new DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie merchandise, just for you, that I have been seeing & thought I would post some today. There's a lot to look at so let's get right to it! The 1st photo is gonna be the new calender to get for 2009, THE DARK KNIGHT Movie 16 Month Wall Calender. I wish I knew what the inside photos were but the cover has amazing graphics so it should be pretty sweet. The next item was photographed at the recent New York Comic Con ( NYCC 2008 ) , it's the official SCARECROW Dark Knight Action Figure from Mattel. I love the facial expression of this character, sort of scary &"cartoony". The next 2 photos are from the Rubie's Costume Catalog. It looks like they're gonna go totally crazy making all kinds of Halloween Costumes, Masks, Party Accessories, & even Joker Make-Up! The next picture is one we have put here before but this time we get a nice close-up of the actual cars. This is gonna be the DARK KNIGHT BATMAN SLOT CAR Race Set by TYCO...looks cool! I really like the Tumbler Batmobile! After this is a photo of a Dark Knight Birthday Present Bag ( or it might be a Shopping Bag from the WB Stores, not sure. This photo was sent to me by a Bat-Blog reader with no explanation ). The last photo is sort of a prototype shot of what the THE DARK KNIGHT Playstation 3 Video Game Case is gonna look like. I have not confirmed that this is the actual item but you know they're gonna HAVE to make this movie a video game! Well, that's it for now. If you have any tips or photos about new Batman items, even if they're not the movie, then please let us know!

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Exclusive VFK Interview: James Tucker

Voices From Krypton recently got an exclusive interview with James Tucker, the Supervising Producer for the new Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Click the button & hear fresh details about the new animated TV show!

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April 23, 2008

Free Batman & Robin Desktop Background Wallpapers!

OK, every week we post 2 brand-new, very cool, Batman Wallpapers so here we go! The 1st one uses Golden Age 1940's Batman & Robin imagery & we even added the classic Bat-Blog logo. Think of it as a promo! The 2nd desktop wallpaper features the artwork for the new comic book cover to All-Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder. We hope you like at least one of these, ha ha! If not, be sure to click the link button down below for many more examples...there's gotta be one you really love!!
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Funny Humor BATMAN Comic Strips, HA HA!

Here's 2 very funny Batman-related comic strips sent in to us from a Bat-Blog Reader named Brian. The 1st one answers the question of why superheroes never get married ( both sexist & extremely true! ). The 2nd one uses great vintage clip art & I love the last panel with the guy day-dreaming about Batman fighting a Grizzly Bear...hilarious, ha ha! Thanks Brian for sending these, we wanna invite ALL readers to do the same. Please send us ANYTHING that's Batman!