July 11, 2008

THE JOKER : Scary Batman Desktop Wallpaper By BACON!

Our friend "Bacon" sent us another really great Batman Desktop Wallpaper to share with the Bat-Blog's readers. I couldn't wait to get it up here for you guys because it's extremely well done! Now, of course, all of the graphics he does is top notch but this one is special. He said to get the effect he was going for took a lot of extra time. I think it was well worth it though because this graphic of The Joker all locked-up in the Arkham Asylum is amazing! He looks like he is totally & completely insane!! I really really really like this one ( seeing the Bat-Signal in the window is kinda funny ). Good Job, Bacon & thanks for sharing this with all of us!
CLICK HERE For More Batman Desktop Background Wallpaper of The Dark Knight!


Anonymous said...

This guy is a GENIUS. Superb. Can't stop staring at it.

Tommy! said...

Oh yeah, Bacon makes some cool stuff but this one was exceptionally good!

I like the weird graininess of it & the colors have a strange metallic-tint to it that's kinda eerie.

ozz said...

Wow. That's a pretty nightmarish looking Joker!