July 11, 2008


Starting this next Friday, July 18th to be exact, the famous comic book history website DIAL B FOR BLOG will have "16 Days of the Dark Knight"! I've seen some of the stuff he'll be presenting & it's awesome! I'm sure all Bat-Fans will love it. Basically there's a lot of parody humor about "what if" the characters from the 1966 Batman TV Show were in The Dark Knight movie instead of the current actors. Plus there will be some other fun facts about the movie. The graphics I have seen are amazing & also pretty funny. Here's an example: The top picture is a parody of the famous Dark Knight movie poster with the Joker presenting his playing card but Heath Ledger has been replaced with Cesar Romero ( be sure to click on it for a larger version ). The next graphic is the popular "International Banner" with The Joker switched around...So, be sure to check that out next week!
CLICK HERE To visit the DIAL B FOR BLOG Comic Book website!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug! Actually, my upcoming event has nothing to do with parody humor, or the new movie. I just did that for the ads. The event itself is a 16-day long presentation of magazine articles -- many from 16 magazine -- about the 1966 Batman TV show! But what makes the event really special are the amazing FAKE COVER created just for this event (my masterpiece!), and the 50 Photoshoped BAT-FUN FACTS that will leave every Bat-fan alive breathless! Then there's the fake ads, and the audio clips and rare photos... too much to list here! Starts FRIDAY on DIAL B for BLOG!

Tommy! said...

Sounds cool! I'll be sure to hype it again very soon, close to the actual date. In fact, I'm gonna go do it right now!

ozz said...

"B for Bravo"! I dig the parody work. I checked out some of the Bat-stuff at Dial B For Blog. The "Secret Origin of Batman" entries I found in the archives were very interesting. If you read them, be warned. You may come away with a little less respect for Bob Kane.