December 13, 2012

Product Review - Fathead BATMAN IN ACTION Wall Graphics

Recently I was contacted by the FATHEAD Company to see if I would like to do a product review. Of course my answer was YES and they were kind enough to send me one of their products. What do they make? Well, they make these extremely cool Super-Giant-Size Wall Graphics. They're actually very high-quality die-cut vinyl stickers that you can use to create a mural on your wall. They started out making real-life Athletes involved in Sports like NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, Soccer, etc... but then later they got into licensed characters like Marvel Comics, Disney, Star Wars, Star Trek, and many more.

One great thing is they also do DC Comics Superheroes and one main character they do a lot of  is Batman. Personally, I break down the Batman ones into 3 categories: Comic Book, Movie, and Video Game. So, there's a lot of variety. They're actually really fun!

For my review I chose a "Comic Book" version called, "BATMAN IN ACTION". The 1st photo up above shows what it looks like on their website. The next picture, down below, is what it looked like when I opened it and laid it down on my bed. As a side-note I should say I have a very large Queen-Sized Bed and this full sticker sheet thing is super-gigantic! 

Now, I received this thing in a HUGE cardboard tube, well-packed & ready to go. They also include a very nice Plastic Tool you might need to remove any air bubbles from the product once you place it on the wall. 

From the 1st moment you pull this thing out of the box you're totally impressed! The HD quality is completely insane! Honestly, the graphics are extremely sharp & the colors are vivid. The vinyl material they use is very thick with a nice texture & appears to be very high quality as well. All the pieces are die-cut and cut very sharp with nice smooth edges. 

Now, the basic format for these is that you get one giant-sized "figure" of Batman ( or what ever character you choose ) and it also comes with a few other stickers as well. They too, are pretty BIG. These extra stickers add a lot of value.

The one I got came with five extras ( Six, if you include the "Fathead Logo" that is also die-cut ). Anyways, the list includes: "Batman on his Bat-Cycle, Batman Driving The Batmobile Car, a Stand-Alone Figure of the Dark Knight, a very Large Batman Logo Bat-Symbol, and a fun Comic Book Word Explosion with the Catchphrase, "Ka-Pow!" I try to show them in individual photos ( See pics down below ) with my hand as a reference for scale. See, they're really BIG!  I'm thinking of putting the Bat-Symbol on my bedroom door, ha!

So, overall I would say that these FATHEAD WALL GRAPHICS are extremely well-made and a lot of fun. I plan on getting a few more in the future. Like I said, they have many different versions of Batman. You can see all their "Superhero Ones" by clicking HERE. Also, we recently did a story about their line of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY ones which you can read by clicking right HERE

The website for these products is FATHEAD.COM


Brad L. Wooldridge said...

I wonder why DC and WB persists in not using the DCnU versions of their characters in these licensed products. Not that I'm complaining, though, as I far prefer the classic versions of Batman and Superman over their New 52 re-designs by Jim Lee.

Josh said...

That's awesome. Those stickers are huge!