December 13, 2012

New BATMAN TOYS Coming Out in 2013 - LEGO and DC Collectible Action Figures

Here's a quick post to share 2 new photos we have come across that is good news for Batman Fans and Toy Collectors. 

First, LEGO TOYS has plans to do THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. Seen here are some prototype pics of their 1st play set. It will contain 3 mini-figures ( GCPD Jim Gordon, Batman and Bane ) then, 2 Barricades, and also 2 Bat-Vehicles: a TUMBLER BATMOBILE ( Bane's Camouflage-Version ) and THE BAT Flying Vehicle... AWESOME!!

Next, is a fun set of Action Figures from DC Collectibles. You might remember awhile back, on DC Nation ( Cartoon Network ), they had a special animation segment done by Aardman Studios. They're the people who do "Wallace and Grommit". Anyways, they're coming out with a special Action Figure 2-Pack of BATMAN AND ROBIN from that TV Show. These are pretty funny and, personally, I really like them. Look for these around the beginning of 2013.

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