December 14, 2012

Hot Wheels Set To Re-Release 1966 BATMAN TV Show BATMOBILE

Here's some fun news for Hot Wheels Collectors. Mattel has announced they will be re-releasing the BATMAN Classic TV Series 1966 BATMOBILE Car... again.  It will be Car# 62/250.

This time it will have a clear windshield and I think the tire rims might be different?? I don't have my other version to check, but they do seem different for some weird reason. The other difference is there is more red pinstriping on the front & rear, plus dark grey pinstriping on the sides, front, & rear. Anyways, if you missed out on getting one of these the last time then this will be your chance. Oh yeah, these are in stores right now! ( Thanks Jerrmin )

1 comment:

Eric Stettmeier said...

Yes, those are different wheels. The clear windshield looks great. I'll be getting one at least!