November 27, 2012

FATHEAD Launches BATMAN ARKHAM CITY (Video Game) Wall Mural Stickers!

OK, are these things called "stickers" or "decals"? Well, anyway, they're extremely cool no matter what they're called, ha! Here at the Bat-Blog we have mentioned the FATHEAD Company before. They create these extremely high-quality stickers that are super giant-sized and you can use them to decorate any room of the house. They're a very interesting product. In the past their BATMAN Wall Decals have been sort of related to the "Comic Books by DC Comics" and "The Dark Knight Movies". Well, now they have also added "Video Game" characters too! 

Yes, shown here are some wall decals they have made to celebrate BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY! The thing for me to explain here is that they make ones of individual characters that are really really BIG and then they also come with a bunch of smaller medium-sized stickers. Most of the photos here show them in detail except for the one of the Joker, but he comes with extras as well. Speaking of "Batman Villains", they also have huge individual ones of Harley Quinn and Catwoman. Plus, one of Batman and Catwoman together ( actually, the 1st photo shown ).

Then, after the large character ones they also make a set of smaller ones that include a bunch of characters from the video game ( see them all down below ). That one is kinda neat for spreading around. But hold on, Fathead didn't stop there! They also made two giant-sized "Wall Mural" Stickers that are very BIG and feature famous scenes from the game. So, overall, there are a ton of these things to choose from!

For more information please be sure to click here, FATHEAD.COM

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