October 20, 2010

BATMAN WITH VILLAINS - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

This week's Batman Wallpapers are sort of going with a theme here: "Something old, something new". For the "old" we have a vintage-style graphic that features Batman & The Penguin. This was originally used for a promotional event for the 1966 Batman TV Show. Now for the "new" I thought it would be cool to do something related to the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Video game since that is very modern day. It shows The Dark Knight & Harley Quinn with Gotham City in the background. Now, which one do you like the best? ( Hopefully both of them, ha! ) Also, please remember: The BAT-BLOG.COM posts FREE Batman Wallpaper Backgrounds every Wednesday so be sure to visit every week. We also have many more located in the BAT-ARCHIVES. You can find that on the far left-hand side of this blog, near the middle....have fun!
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1 comment:

ozz said...

The Arkham City artwork is the cooler of the two pieces, in my opinion. Cool depiction of a Batman who is a badass. In this scene, he is probably barely tolerating the trash-talking Harley Quinn, who is trying to get in face and tell him what's what. The Batman ain't havin' none of that!

Seriously, t