October 18, 2010

BATMAN ODYSSEY #4 Original Comic Book Art by Neal Adams & Scott Williams

Here are a few previews of the artwork you'll see in BATMAN ODYSSEY #4. The pencils ( on the left side ) are done by none other than the Master himself, Neal Adams! On the right, you can see the finished inks done by Scott Williams...beautiful stuff!! I think it's pretty interesting to compare the two different images because it gives you insight to how the art looks in two separate stages. The pencils done by Adams are almost so perfect that they could be printed without inking, ha! But, the inks by Williams are great too. Please be sure to click on these images for HUGE versions that are really sharp, it's the best way to enjoy them.

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Cool! Neal Adams is one of my faves- love his style