October 20, 2010

BATMAN & HARLEY QUINN Original Comic Book Art By Josh Adams

Here are 2 totally amazing graphics sent in by our friend Josh Adams. The 1st one of our favorite Caped Crusader is completely colorized & appears to be done with a Gouache technique...nice.The 2nd one is more of a sketch & done in black & white. Of course it's Harley Quinn ( the Joker's Girlfriend ) & I really like the pin-up style, very cheesecake without being rude...MEOW! Hey, if you're digging Josh's artwork then please be sure to check out his website sometime, just click HERE!

1 comment:

ozz said...

The first one is an excellent piece of art, my favorite of the two. Because of your blurb, I looked up Gouache and read a little bit about it. Today, The Bat-Blog was both entertaining and educational. I dig that. Thanks, man.