August 11, 2010

BATMAN, JOKER, and CATWOMAN - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday

Oh man, is it Wednesday already? Well then, you know what that means. It's now time for "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday"! This week I thought I would mix it up & throw a few background graphics together that have a lot of variety to 'em. You know, just for kicks! The 1st one was made using some comic book artwork I found of Batman & Selina ( Catwoman ) together. The art was done by Paul Gulacy & that's always a fan-favorite. Next we have the Joker & he looks insane as usual! I also love that huge gun he has with the punching glove, it's crazy! The last one is sort of a tribute to the brand-new BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY video game that's gonna come out later. Of course we're talking about the sequel to the Batman:Arkham Asylum game so you know it's gonna be cool. I really like the limited color palette of black and white with a little bit of color, it's very graphic. So, go ahead & enjoy these. Also, please share them with all your friends.
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