August 9, 2010

Funny BATMAN HUMOR Photos and Comic Strips

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, whew! OK, we all need a good laugh every now & then so here's a nice sample of Batman Humor to enjoy. The 1st pic is a total parody on the classic "American Gothic" 1930 painting by Grant Wood. I saw the original painting a few years ago at the Art Institute of Chicago, it was amazing. But this version is pretty funny! The next graphic is a scene from the opening title of The Simpsons TV Cartoon where Bart is in school. It looks like he might have been talking trash about Batman, ha! The next picture might need a little explaining. In 1939 ( just before World War II ), the British Government created propaganda posters with the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" that citizens in England were to hang in their homes. Now, for whatever reason, they were never distributed but were later found in 2000 & have since become total icons. This graphic is a parody of that poster & totally funny! The last photo shows the Tumbler Batmobile ( The Dark Knight movie version ) racing at a Nascar event. I'm pretty sure that pic is photoshopped. Plus, Batman would totally be in first place, ha!

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