August 17, 2009

Life-Size Batmobile Car Promo-Prop for Batman: The Brave and The Bold TV Cartoon!!

OH MY GOD!! The other night our good friend Craig, who lives in Scotland, sent us these amazing photos he shot at a promo exhibit which was on at his local Toy's R Us in Glasgow. It seems that Mattel was there to promote their line of "Batman: The Brave & the Bold" TV Cartoon Action Figures & they showed this life-size Batmobile Car!! The funny thing for me, when opening my e-mail box, was the 1st picture I saw was just the car with nothing in it for scale. So, I had no idea is was so super-large. I just thought, "OK, he just bought the action figure vehicle & sent a photo of it, that's cool". Well, about the 3rd or 4th photo I saw his Dad standing next to it & I'm like, "Wait! OMG, This is a HUGE Batmobile Car, ha ha!!" Oh man, this thing is totally beautiful!! I seriously love this thing & I know they ( Mattel ) would NEVER sell it so I did suggest that Craig & I go steal it, ha ha! Unfortunately Craig has not responded to my request yet. So, I guess I'll have to break in all by myself. Man, I know this thing is gonna be so heavy. If Craig were there it would be a lot easier to carry. Thank you Craig for sending these totally awesome pics, I really appreciate it! It looks like you & your Dad had a lot of fun at this event, that's wonderful. Seeing the smiles on your faces are totally worth it. Plus, I'm only kidding about stealing it, so don't worry, ha ha!


Anonymous said...

WHEN is the new season coming on?!?

Isn't the season premire the one with the "MUSICAL" episode?

Has that already aired?!?


ozz said...

Pretty cool Batmobile.