August 17, 2009

Paul's Weird & Wacky Batman Toys / Collectibles

Every now & then Bat-Blog Readers send in photos of their toy collections. I always love that! But the funny thing about this post is that our friend Paul responded to a few pics shown here once that were of "Weird Batman Toys". So, he decided to send us photos of some of his strange bat-stuff... that's hilarious! OK, so the main focus here are 3 really unusual items: a Pair of Holographic Buttons with images of Batman & Joker ©1989, a Set of Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers of 2 British Comedy TV Show Characters Dressed-Up as Batman & Robin, & 2 Bizarre Troll Dolls that are sort-of dressed like Batman. Now the last photo is on a more personal level. The Corgi Diecast Penguin Car & 1966 Batmobile are not really weird but are more along the lines of "Bat-Toys that Paul owned as a little kid". Which, for him makes them special because they have sentimental value. And I totally understand & think it's wonderful. I have a few items that were given to me by my Grandmother when I was very little & they're actually the most valuable pieces in my collection...and I'm not talking about "money value" either. One last thing, in case you're kinda freaked out about the Salt & Pepper Set. I really love these guys. They look EXACTLY like the 2 actors from the British UK TV Show Sitcom called "Only Fools & Horses". One year they had a Special Christmas episode where the 2 main characters dressed-up as the Dynamic Duo for a costume party. It turned out to become a cult classic. Here's a clip! Oh yeah, and Thanks to Paul for sending the great pics of the neat stuff, Thank You Paul!!

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