August 18, 2009

THE DARK KNIGHT Movie CUSTOM MV AUGUSTA F4 Batman Motorcycle ( Reese's Hershey's Candy Contest )

Some Bat-Blog Readers might remember awhile back, during "The Dark Knight" movie, we were one of the very very first websites to announce the Hershey's Reese's Chocolate Candy Bar "Win The Bat-Bike" Contest. Well, recently we were contacted by the person who won! Her name is Kathy & she's a Realtor. I can't believe it but she actually won! Here's a few pictures of it in her garage ( Yes, I'm jealous!! ). It's an MV AUGUSTA F4 Motorcycle totally customized with "Dark Knight Batman" graphics. The attention to details is totally insane. They even engraved ( or embossed ) the "Reese's Limited Edition" logo on the handlebars, ha ha! It's really an extremely beautiful batbike & Kathy must be pretty proud to own it. I wanna thank her for contacting us because it's kinda cool to learn who actually won the thing! Thank you Kathy ...Can I borrow it this weekend?

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