May 9, 2009

VINTAGE 60's BATMAN TOYS: Super-Collector Shares Photos of His Amazing Collection!

You might remember a few days ago we featured some photos of RARE 1966 Batman TV & Movie Props. It was an amazing collection of "museum quality" Bat-Memorabilia. Well, our Bat-Collector Friend Ralph, who sent those original photos, sent some more pics but these are of his actual Vintage Batman Toy Collection. As you can see the main focus is the 1966 TV Series & I love the way it's all displayed, very cool! Now, it would be impossible for me to list all the great merchandise here but if you just look very carefully at each individual item then you'll start to realize that it's all really high-quality stuff! There's the Batman Tin Toy Robot, Kid's Slippers, Japanese Batmobile Pencil Case, Tons of Autographed Photos, Dolls, Model Kits, Action Figures...etc! Oh yeah, and that '66 Batmobile Pedal Car is AWESOME!! It is seriously an amazing collection! First, I wanna thank Ralph for sending these photos, they're wonderful & I really appreciate that! Second, I wanna invite ALL Bat-Blog Readers who collect anything Batman-related to share some pics. REMEMBER: Sharing the joy & history of collecting Batman is the main focus of this website, thanks!


ozz said...

Solid collection!

deaconnecessary said...

Wow! That's a collection. He owns everything I have in my collection, plus 10 times more!

Dieter said...

I have NEVER seen a Batman figure based on the 1966 Adam West(definitive in my opinion)portrayal! Can someone tell me where I can get one? My collection is rather small compared to the ones being shown here, but I MUST HAVE ONE OF THOSE FIGURES!!