May 9, 2009


OK, last night I was checking out some COMMENTS to this blog that needed to be approved before posting. Well, like a total idiot I hit the CLEAR button instead of the ACCEPT button!! I deleted about 22 comments made here. Arrrggghhh! So, I just wanted to do a quick post to let those people know that I did not really mean to "not accept" their comments & I apologize...stuff happens sometimes. I was extremely tired & not thinking clearly. If you could please re-write them sometime I'll put them back in there. It was only a big stupid mistake on my part, sorry.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Tommy that cartoon is so funny. I think that was an in house subscription add and the woman was then publisher Jeanette Kahn. John "Save this comment" French

ozz said...

I'll second that "d'oh"!!

karatetchr said...

Hey, that may be Jeanette Kahn but it sure looks like Adrienne Barbeau to me!