June 16, 2007

Official THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Begins 2 Movie WALLPAPER

Here's the recently released Batman DARK KNIGHT Movie Desktop Wallpaper from Warner Brothers showing the NEW Costume Bat-Suit worn by Christan Bale in the upcoming 2008 THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie. Since this is the sequel movie after "Batman Begins" some people call it "Batman Begins 2", which I think is kinda funny! The new batsuit is high-tech & very cool! Please feel free to use our wallpapers in your MySpace layout or just to brighten your desktop. We have an extensive BATMAN WALLPAPERS web page you can access on the right-side of this blog or go thru our archives because we post cool Batman wallpapers every Wednesday! We just posted this one today because it came out like 1 hour ago, ha ha!
CLICK HERE For More Batman Wallpapers for a Desktop or Free to Use Backgrounds in a MySpace Layout!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So impatient to watch this movie.
The teaser was so teasing! I'm really struggling not to die of impatience:(