June 17, 2007

From The Editor : Letter To BAT-BLOG Fans.

This post is a shout out to all the people who have been reading this blog for almost a year & also to those of you who have just discovered it yesterday. In fact, this August, marks the one year anniversary of the BAT-BLOG! Currently there are almost 600 posts to enjoy & if you dig through the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES you can see them all. This will give you an idea what we're really about. Basically we really love the Batman character, movies, cartoons, TV Series, comic books, plus new & vintage toys. What I wanna say very quickly is THANK YOU for all of your readership & contributions. Doing this blog has been a really great experience & I have made a lot of new friends. The reason for this post is to ask ALL readers what I can do to make this blog even better. Any ideas will be seriously thought about & appreciated. Are there any Bat-Characters you feel we're neglecting? Are there any Batman cartoons or movies you would like to see more information about? What is your favorite thing about the BAT-BLOG? Please send me all of your tips & ideas. We want to improve the BAT-BLOG even more!

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