August 12, 2014

New Photo of BEN AFFLECK Seen as Bruce Wayne During Filming of #BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie

Here's  quick post to share this latest photo of BEN AFFLECK as Bruce Wayne on the movie set of BATMAN V SUPERMAN, THE DAWN OF JUSTICE. Speculation says that he is on "the streets of Metropolis". Cool!

Also, here's another pic that has been out awhile but I just seen it and I'm sharing it for those who haven't seen it yet too. I should also mention that it might be fake as I have not been able to confirm it yet. But anyway, it shows a huge billboard in Times Square with a GIANT-SIZE TIME Magazine Cover with Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Click on it, it's HUGE).

As a side note we should mention that the release date for this film has been moved up to March 25th, 2016. I have not totally confirmed this with Warner Bros, but a ton of other blogs recently reported this so I'm kinda going with it.

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