August 12, 2014

Brand-New #BATMAN Sprükits Model Kits Spotted in Canada!

Check out these fun pics from our buddy PAUL who lives in Montréal. He just picked-up these super-cool brand-new BATMAN Toys at a Toys-R-Us in Canada. They're called, "Sprükits" (designed in Japan) and they're plastic model kits that are also poseable!

The smaller kits are listed as a level 1. Other figures in that scale include the Joker and a 52 Superman (You can see them on the back of the box in the photo down below).  Two versions of Batman are available: A supposed Jim Lee, and a TDKR.  

The larger kits are listed as level 2. There is also a Man of Steel Superman in that scale. Two versions of Batman available: A TDKR and an Arkham City Batman. 

(Thanks Paul, you ROCK, Sir!)

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