October 1, 2013

Hans' SUPER-RARE 1966 BATMAN Dutch Lemonade Blits-Drink Soda Bottle!

Here is a vintage item from the Batman collection of a friend of ours named Hans, who lives in the Netherlands. He very recently found this ultra-amazing and SUPER-RARE Batman item! It's a Lemonade Soda Bottle from 1967. Also, it's Dutch (not sold in the USA).

Hans said, I guess there's no good translation for the word "Blits" but "cool" or "happening" comes close. I have to agree Hans, this item is extremely cool! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

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sixtiespopandmodculture said...

very nice item indeed . they seem to turn up regulary in the Netherlands nowaydays . Have myself two of these bottles in my collection .