August 4, 2013

Super-Wacky Happy BATMAN STUFF!!

OK, I know the title to this post is pretty weak and I should have been more creative, but man, I am totally super-exhausted! I have not got more than 3 hours of sleep a night for weeks (I'm worried I might be going insane!). Anyways, here's a post that's thrown together just to share some fun Batman-related photos.

The first photo shows a wonderful "Carrie Kelley Robin" Coslayer from a recent Comic Con. Her costume is AWESOME! This is one of my favorite Batman characters & she did a great job, very cool!

Next up are 2 humor pics that are really funny. Well, I think they are. First up is a super-cheesy bootleg BATMAN AND ROBIN Zippo Lighter. The graphics are actually really good, but some moron put Superman's name on there, ha!

Then, we can see how Batman's new Earth-Friendly Batmobile shows his commitment to the planet. Yes, we should all do what we can... I recycle.


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