August 3, 2013

The BATMAN TOY COLLECTOR Movie TOKYO TOY GUY is Showing at the 2013 Wizard World Chicago!

YES YES YES! The Vintage BATMAN TOY Collector Movie, TOKYO TOY GUY, will be appearing this year at the 2013 Wizard World Convention in Chicago! The event takes place on August 8th (Thursday) and runs till Aug 11th, 2013. 

The movie will show on Saturday, August 10th, at 6:45pm in Room #41.

To visit their website just CLICK HERE!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this Documentary Film we have embedded a video down below that explains it pretty well. Basically, there's a film maker in Dubai named Yuji who has flown to 5 countries, over 5 years, to interview some of the top-ranked Vintage BATMAN Toy Collectors in the world!

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